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This page provides a list of folk who are registered users of wikiworks - if you are one of them and are not listed then please add yourself - in alphabetical order?!

  • Peter Twining (username PeterT) - schome feels like the culmination of my life's work - and I believe that it will change the face of education as we know it. Yes OK I admit it - I hated school when I was a kid and my experience of my own three children going through the education system has reinforced my view that we can and should do better.
  • Jenny Hulme (username jhulme) - my heart is in the creation of rich media content that will be at the forefront of teaching and learning in the classroom of the future.

Engaging and motivating via the new media technologies and how we are enabling teachers and learners to create and take ownership of their own journey through the enormous knowledge maze that will exist in the future. I guess I missed out on my own media company - but dealing with the kids and their enthusiam more than makes up for it.