Who's Who

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Members of the schome team based on Schome Park


Awaiting.png Liam Crosby

Teklac.png Teklac Yue

Ethics and Philosophy

Socratic.png Socratic Shepherd

Awaiting.png Rowan Falta


Nanodave.jpg Nanodave Writer

Awaiting.png Diabound Nihilist

Awaiting.png Troubleat Mill


Elsa.png Elsa Dixon

Awaiting.png Siobhan Nishi

Awaiting.png Kayla Babenco

Awaiting.png Tony Ehrlich

Awaiting.png Talentedspaniel Phlox

Support Staff

Pidgeon.png Schoming Pidgeon

TheSchome Ranger head 07-03-07.jpg TheSchome Ranger

Malone.png Schome Malone

Sid.png Sid Eerie

Euphloozieplox.jpg Euphloozie Phlox

VigoForager.jpg Vigo Forager

Kamachi2.jpg Woop Kamachi

Mark sl.png Mark Cabaret

Tfront.jpg Fox Phlox

Faji bing.JPG Faji Bing

Martha1.jpg Martha Soon