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Basic Formatting on the Forum

I know that there are the buttons to help you format posts on the forum, but it is always easier to do it yourself, so this tutorial (again, no pictures, sorry) will help you with the basics of formatting on the forum.

Note: This formatting is called BB-Code and is what is used on most forums, so it may be useful elsewhere. In a lot of cases, BB-Code is very similar to HTML, but uses square brackets instead of the arrow-shaped ones.

Bold, Underlined, Italics

  • To make something bold on the forum, just type
    [b]YOUR TEXT HERE[/b]
  • To make something italicised, just type
    [i]YOUR TEXT HERE[/i]
  • To make something underlined, just type
    [u]YOUR TEXT HERE[/u]
Note: You must remember to close each instruction set using the forward slash (/)

Inserting Hyperlinks and Images

  • To insert a hyperlink(a link to another page), just type the following:
''Note: You must remember the closing square bracket (]) between the URL and the name of the site you are linking to.''
  • To insert an image, first you must upload it onto a web host such as [ Photobucket]. Presuming you have done that, type the following to insert the image into the body of your post: <pre>[img]PASTE THE URL OF YOUR IMAGE HERE[/img]

Changing Font Colour, Size and Style

  • To change the colour of your text, you first need to know the names of some of the colours you can have. Basic ones include, blue, red, yellow, lightgreen, etc. Then type
''Note: Notice the American spelling of 'color'. You have to spell it this way or it will not work.''
  • To change the size of your font, you can either type <pre>[size=large]TYPE YOUR TEXT HERE[/size]<pre>, changing 'large' to 'small' or 'medium' depending which you want. You can also enter a numerical value for your font size, which uses the same code as above, but instead of saying 'large' you just type a value.
  • To change the style of your text, you first need to know the name of a selection of fonts available. Most forums will tell you this anyway. Then type <pre>[font=FONTNAME]TYPE YOUR TEXT HERE[/font]