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About me

I'm 14 as of the time of writing (Sep. '07)
I also have two brothers, one having just finished his first year of university and the other also in NAGTY, and having just finished 6th form.

My interests

I like Maths, the sciences (Physics being my favourite by far, followed by Chemistry and certain parts of Biology), programming (mostly in C, but I use Python in certain cases) and Latin (My user name is just the first name of my Roman name I chose).

Political views

I have a communistic (though most definitely not in the sense it's usually used, which isn't actually communism but essentially a dictatorship!), mildly anti-capitalistic (I think it's not the best, but if done right it's still okay) and very anti-authoritarian political viewpoint.


None, seeing as the only evidence available (which, admittedly, isn't much :p) goes against the idea of God (the basis of most religions), hence I'm an atheist.

Miscellaneous other stuff

I am a supporter of Free Software; you can tell this and the below by my GNU/hacker shirt, which I like.

Also, I strongly oppose using "hack" to mean "crack" (unfortunately, most people do this :( ). "Hack" is explained here and here and "crack" is explained here.

And, last but definitely not least, I'm a pedant :)

And finally, some pics!

I think Faz got a liiitle carried away with this 'mountain'
Now I'm sat on the mountain! :D