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Welcome to the Schome Community, Astrid Schomer

Please read through this page - it contains information that will help you use this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Don't go to the page titled Template:New userpage. If you edit that you will edit everyone else's page that has this template in. To use your page, simply click edit at the top of the page and removed the text in {{}} so that you have a blank page. You can now edit your page.

For more information, please see this topic on the forum

This is your userpage, where you can do what you want (within the AUP).

Lots of folk who are part of the Schome Park project create a bliki (a blog in a wiki).

To change this page click on edit at the top of the page, and start to put information in - you can of course delete this text that we have inserted and replace it with your own info.

  • If you're creating additional pages about yourself or anything to do with you or your activities, then in the search bar type User:Astrid Schomer/THENEWPAGENAMEHERE and click go to create the page.

If you have any problems, then have a look at the wiki help page or some existing user pages or ask for help in the forum.

Once again, welcome to the Schome Community. Feel free to delete this peg from your user page and start using your page.

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