The schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot

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Breaking news

Prim clearance A sweep of the island is planned - and unauthorised builds below 100m will bite the dust. Please move your favourite builds above this level if you want to keep them!

Murder Mystery on Thursday at 6pm. Search for evidence and identify the murderer. Dress: Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe.

Grid closure Linden Labs are planning scheduled downtime on Wednesday, April 18 from 2pm-5pm. The viewer update will not be required due to bugs. (Note, revised times)

Research update - The next meeting is on Wednesday 18 April at 7pm (if the Grid is open). Given the uncertainty about the timings and date of this meeting, Staff will not be able to attend. If the grid is open and Sparkers wish to discuss their research plans, then this seems a marvellous opportunity. Read the notes of the meeting on 30 March and get involved in the research

Physics Club Lecture and Discussion on Climate Research and Satellites - latest Science - now scheduled for Saturday 21st April at 7pm-8pm.

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About the project

The schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot involves a couple of hundred students aged between 13 and 17 exploring the potential of Teen Second Life. Find out more ...

PeterT outlines his vision for the future of SchomePark! and governance discussions are continuing in the forum
The schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot was the focus of an article by Quinn Parker in the Education Guardian on 7 April - add your comments on the article in the forum

Joining instructions

Click here for info on how to get into Schome Park

Herts LA will not let Teen Second Life through their firewall - so any students in Herts schools will not be able to join us in Schome Park unless they can do so from outside school - though you could still join the discussions in the forum and wiki.

What to do this week

Check the Schome Park events page for info on all scheduled events

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