The Teaching Approach at Sri Atmananda Memorial School

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The teaching approach at Sri Atmananda Memorial School is inspired by the great Sage Sri Adwayananda (Sri K. Padmanabha Menon). His idea about education acknowledges the fundamental dignity of the individual child. In the close relationship between teacher and child, the curriculum is introduced through the child’s interests, fulfilling his or her personal, social, and academic needs.

In following this approach, the school observes the following principles:

  • Creating a relationship of trust
  • Connecting learning with the child's experience, and
  • Acknowledging the ways in which children learn and develop.

When a teacher responds to a child in such a way that the child believes the teacher values him and accepts the validity of his way of seeing things, a relationship of trust and confidence is established. Curriculum is then introduced through the child’s interests so that learning is meaningful and fun. When a child feels valued, development of all the child’s faculties can occur to the fullest, personally, socially and academically. Teachers in the school are trained for three years in this approach by being paired with senior teachers.

Children are natural learners who learn in an integrated way, with each child developing in his or her own way. Most importantly, a strong relationship with a teacher is the foundation for development. Outcomes of this kind of education include self-confidence, independent thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, initiative, and ability in conflict resolution.

Sri Atmananda Memorial School is non-sectarian and accommodates children from varied socio-economic and religious backgrounds. The school is run by Atma Vidya Educational Foundation, a charitable institution.


Sri Atmananda Memorial School, Kerala, India
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