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I really like 'The education system for the Information Age' - for me it captures all the stuff about education needing to recognise the sorts of skills that we need in society today (communication, collaboration, real problem solving, information handling, etc.).

Peter T

I struggle with phrases like "Information Age" because they are us trying to invent ourselves for the future. Labels like that become meaningful (just) in retrospect. People didn't walk round saying "It's great in the Iron age"..."Cor, thank god I'm alive during the Industrial Revolution".

And worse still...the phrase suggests we didn't need all those skills before now.


So if we are debating what the strapline is surely we should know what the strapline is for first? So what are we saying Schome is?


Iron Age Man

I like the "information age" tag too. It does seem to say where we are coming from. Do you feel that it's not holistic enough?

Middle Aged Man

No. Here are three more reasons...

1: I think it is already bordering on a cliche... 2: To lots of people it will be all computers and mobile phones and other gadgets... 3: It's a politicians phrase...


Wow - I'm not sure I like this discussion forum - not sure where I should insert my comments - do I add them into the middle of Jonty's or at the end? Does it matter that you can tell the difference between my comments and Jonty's?

OK - if we don't like 'the Information Age' what would be better? It needs to capture notions such as: relevant to real life in 21st century, moving from knowledge recall to skills such as collaboration, communication, solving real problems, information handling (asking questions, locating data, evaluating that data, synthesising information, re-presenting information), life-long learning (by which I mean cradle to grave), etc..



The absence of a French super-group was always blamed on a failure to agree on a name and what to wear – they never got to make music as they never got beyond the packaging! While I think this is a scurrilous criticism of our European partners I use it to illustrate the trap of devoting too much time to the wrapping and fail to get on with using the contents. Having said this I will now waste more time with a proposal – digital age? Robert Mountjoy

Don't much disagree with Robert's despair at our focus on spin. See inserted "So what do we think Schome is" link...

Feel that "digital age" has the same problems that exist for "information age". How about

The Open Education System...or have we had that idea before...???