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Note from Fox: If we're going to keep this link in, we need to style the page it links to so that it fits in with the others. Fox

Another note from Fox: This entry currently confines itself to just the Time Explorers side of history and archaeology in Schome. I think we could also mention the machinima making - and that gives a way of linking in the video - stressing that making machinima is part of the project rather than something we've added in for this competition. Also it gives us an excuse to use Mars' Titanic poster, which I rather like. Fox

Fox again: I like the Y Factor template. However, given that we can only have 200 words in each section, that means an awful lot of blank space on each page beside the pictures. I suggest moving everything onto one page, utilising the page headings as section headings, and making the links at the top link to the section headings rather than to separate pages. I also think we do need to caption the pictures - the aerial view of lava is particularly confusing for anyone who wasn't there. And if we put in the pic of the American diner and caption it, we can bring in the American students without adding to our word count (after all, we don't have to include picture captions in our word count ;-) ) Fox

I'm on to it Kit

Nice work

Nice work team, well done on getting through to the finals! :D KitKatKid Schomer 19:47, 31 August 2008 (BST)