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Welcome to the part of the wiki on SkyBase SkyBase is situated several hundred feet above the ground, and includes:

  • SkyLounge run by Marsbar9
  • SkyGallery, also run by mars
  • SkyResource run by Aston Schomer
  • SkyHigh, which is also run by Aston Schomer
  • Infinity Apartments, jointly run by mars and Topper Schomer

Although the above are the employed representatives for each floor, there are additional support staff which Baso would like to thank for helping.

SkyLounge is there for you to enjoy. Sit down and relax, or hire out the commitee area. If you're in one of the OSGs then we'll let you use the commitee room at the front of the room. SkyMuseum is there for you to show off your paintings, signs, ads and even small objects. BUT PLEASE, get permission to place them in there first, if they haven't been approved by mars then they aint goin in!

SkyResource is the islands first library and community lesson area. Aston should be putting up boards for you to use as posters (through Hi-Ad) or as agendas for your meetings. DON'T FORGET SKY STAFF, we have a meeting in the commitee room on floor 2 every saturday at 6pmIf you want to come along and you aren't staff feel free. It'll give you an idea as to how the place works.