SchomeBase Science Discussion Group Meeting 3

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The beauty of Mathematics: Date Thursday 16th October: 8pm BST
Details Participants

Date: Thursday 16th October
Time: 8PM BST
Venue: nOUbie Centre
Organiser: Becka / Scathach


Have you ever wondered why some people describe Mathematics as beautiful? Would you like to see the beauty yourself? Come along and be introduced to some interesting, quirky and downright artistic objects that only mathemtics can describe.


Science Discussion group main page.

Kickaha Wolfenhaut
Lionel Blaidale
Asserett Quintess
Jen Dratman
Kester magic
Christine Teatime
Mary Zimer
Sian Andel
Hennamono Morpork
Eshala Tabacznyk
Lambchop Magic
Becka Finesmith

Notes from the event

Math group.jpg

Post event:

We had a practical session to build and investigate the properties of the Mobius strip. We discussed the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequences and visited the Temple of Sacred geometry.

You can view the chatlog with images here >>> File:Math discussion chatlog.pdf

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