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TV film crew in-world - Monday 19th November, from about 7.30pm (GMT)

The TV camera will be filming whatever is on TheSchome Ranger's computer screen

Details Participants

Date: Monday 19th November
Time: 7.30pm GMT (2.30 EST) onwards
Venue: SPii (touring around)
Max: 30

Organiser: TheSchome Ranger

The film crew will be in PeterT's office filming his computer screen - so following TheSchome Ranger around. The plan is to have a number of events taking place that TheSchome Ranger can visit - and chat (using text chat) with folk.

This is one event where we want anyone who is going to be present to sign up on this page - we need to ensure that we don't bring the island down by having too many people!

Current schedule looks like this:

Blimey - we will probably never get through all of this lot!

7.30ish  TheSchome Ranger goes on tour of the island

7.45     Parachute jump - anyone who wants 
         to join in - the platform is at 10, 245, 769 
         (yellow cube on Scholympia TPs you there via
          a couple of intermediary platforms)

8.00     Regatta - inflatable boats - all welcome 

         Talk with Topper - 
         * What made you think of running regattas? 
         * What do you think the benefits are of
           being involved in the project? 
         * What have you learnt from running the regattas?
         Talk with KitKatKid -
         * Why did you sign up for the project?
         * How are you finding it?
         * Have you had a go at building? How's that going?

         Talk with Emodalek - 
         * How are you enjoying being part of Schome Park?
         * What are you, personally going to work on next?
         * What would you like to achieve in the Schome Park Project?
         Talk with Dudefish - 
         * How have you found joining a existing community?
         * What activities do you want to do in schome?

8.20     Physics activity - on physics platform at 
         100,100,200 - working on enhancing the special 
         force vehicle

         Talk with Explo/Decimus/Marko/? 
         * What you are doing?
         * What is the special force?
         * How did you find out about it?
8.30     In the sandbox - Yankee's club plus helpers - 
         learning how to build and script - peer support
         TheSchome Ranger will wander around asking folk: 
         * What are you doing?
         * What do you think about Schome Park/the project?
         * What do you think you have/are learning from
           being involved in the project?
         Interviews (in the Japanese Pegoda) - if 
         this turns into a wider discussion that would be fine -
         so whilst I've identified some specific names below 
         anyone should feel free to come along and join in ...

         * Trixxiee and Kali re governance of Schome Park 
           * Why did you decide that you needed a Government?
           * How was it decided what structure of government 
             was needed in SPii?
           * What is your role the government?
           * What has been the most difficult issue you have 
             had to deal with?
           * What have you learnt from being a member of the 
             government and how does it relate to real life?

         * Baso/Mars/Faz re helping other people - 
           * What have you done in SP so far?
           * What do you think you have learnt? 

Feel free to add in comments about other things you think we ought to include ... or to suggest changes to the timings. If there are questions you think we should ask then please add them ...

I'm really keen to get a range of voices tonight - particularly some newer members of the community like Emodalek, Dudefish and KitKatKid - hopefully there should be opportunities for this during the parachute jump, regatta and in the sandbox - and feel free to join the interviews in the pagoda as well. PeterT 15:46, 19 November 2007 (GMT)

If you are due to be interviewed then it would help if you had text prepared that you could copy and paste into the chat - that would speed things up.

Check out the discussion topic about this event ...

Please also check the 'To Do list' ...

Please use text chat during the filming - if you must use voice chat then only do so in private IMs.

1 TheSchome Ranger
2 Yankee Sparker
3 Darkwolf Schomer
4 Crypto001 Schomer
5 Alpha Schomer
6 Rambo Schomer
7 <NCS club member put your name here>
8 <NCS club member put your name here>
9 <NCS club member put your name here>
10 <NCS club member put your name here>
11 Trixxiee, if everything goes well
12 Elsa, assuming the wireless access in the hotel works
13 Explo
14 Vibia
15 Marko
16 Euphloozie Inworld if needed, but will drop out to make room for Sparkers if necessary to avoid lag.
17 KitKatKid, Hopefully between 7.30 and 8.30
18 XxDaisyLouxX (maybe)
19 Marsbar9 (730 to 830?)
20 Kali Schomer
21 Olly(Me a t.v. star, how very Hollywood)
22 Liony Schomer, hopefully :P
24 Aston
25 Topper Schomer I should be there, all being well.
26 Faz Schomer I am really interested in this!
27 Emodalek Schomer i can definately make it to the parachute jump.
28 Dudefish Schomer I can come if theres space but I haven't been on much recently so I'm happy for someone more experianced to take my place :) (Please do come Dudefish - was meaning to PM to ask if you could) PeterT 07:18, 19 November 2007 (GMT)
29 Dan badminton cancelled so hopefully I can make it now
30 <put your name here>

If you have any problems with using this page - or if someone removes your name from the list without your agreement then post a message explaining the problem in the SL Help discussion.

Things I would like to have said

<add your thoughts here>

Things I wouldn't have said on camera but would like to share with people

<add your thoughts here>

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