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To what extent do the SParkers engage with Teen Second Life?

This is one of the three metrics we are using on the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot - we want to find out if the SParkers engage to a greater extent with Schome Park/Teen Second Life (and the wider schome community website) than they do with the existing NAGTY forums. To that end we are collecting the following data:

  • baseline data about who spends time in Schome Park - there are sensors on the island that record where each avatar is once every few minutes - check out the Schome Park stats page for a summary of data so far
  • baseline stats on activity within the schome community wiki and forum
  • chatlogs of in-world discussions (all staff are logging chat they are party to)
  • staff summaries of the interactions they have in-world
  • feedback from SParkers - some of the SParkers have become researchers and are carrying out informal in-world interviews

These data will be compared with available data about levels of engagement with the existing NAGTY forums.

Student uptake

19 March 2007

A quick statistics crunch from 19th March figures - approximately ten days into the pilot from when students could potentially gain access to SchomePark.

At that time, 85 of the 147 students that were signed up for the pilot had gone into SchomePark. This comprised:

  • 70/97 students who had signed up and chosen their own name
  • 15/50 students who were signed up but had their names chosen by PeterT because they hadn't gone through the registration process by the deadline.

The wiki and forum were beginning to be used by students. Login figures still to be examined, however a sizeable percentage of the students had posted on one or the other in the first ten days:

  • 24/147 had posted on the forum by 19th March (including 3 who had not gone into SchomePark)
  • 37/147 had posted on the wiki by 19th March (including 6 who had not gone into SchomePark)

The first two weeks have seen a core of regular participants developing, with a wider number of more casual participants. There is still a considerable number who have not come into SchomePark. We have yet to understand how these are divided into those that want to participate but can't (see above, Problems section) and those that could participate but have chosen not to.

25 March 2007

Forum: 40/ 147 students had logged into the forum to this date. 25 students have posted (top posters: Decimus and Trixxiee with 60 posts each).

Sparker forum posts 07 03 25.png

Wiki: 4 students to date have uploadfile permissions in the wiki - suggesting they are the most active posters. Students gain this right by asking one of the members of the support staff if they can post images or other files to the wiki.

28 March 2007

Wiki: As of this morning, 56 SParkers had created an account and logged into the wiki. 52 of these 56 had made at least one edit. 7/56 had made over ten edits. Simple "edits" are likely to mean typing their name into one of the SchomePark sessions to sign up, though a good number of the Sparkers have done multiple edits which suggests more involved activity.

Top posters: Trixxiee (72), Decimus (59), Marsbar9 (33).

SParkers wiki posts 07 03 28.png

07 March 2007

Forum: 50/147 Sparkers have logged in to the forum (others may have accessed the forum but not logged in). 32/147 Sparkers have posted to the forum, 13 have posted more than ten times. Top 3 posters: Trixxiee (102), Decimus (89), Kali (55).

Wiki: There are 60 users with the family name "Schomer" in the wiki.

24 April 2007

Forum: 53/147 Sparkers have logged in to the forum (others may have accessed the forum but not logged in). 21 have logged in to the forum in the last 7 days. 37/147 Sparkers have posted to the forum, 16 have posted more than ten times. Top 5 posters: Trixxiee (162), Decimus (142), Kali (70), MarsBar9 (67), Faz (62).
How do we get this information? --Marsbar9 Schomer 19:59, 25 April 2007 (BST)

Click on the blue Members tab near the top of the Forum. You get a list of members and some info about them. If you click on a members' name, you can scroll down to additional information and access general statistics about them. For example, I can see that all your Forum postings have been between 8am and 8pm and that you're most likely to post between 1 and 2pm. PeterT's statistics on the other hand, reveal that he almost never sleeps :-) Fox

Thanks fox hehe I agree with you there. Wiki: There are 63 users with the family name "Schomer" in the wiki. 15 of these have created their own user page, 6 have uploadfile privileges (they have asked to be able to upload images).