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These semi-structured interviews are intended to collect data about the third key question that the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot is investigating, namely: To what extent do the SParkers develop knowledge age skills?

The core questions

We are currently at the stage of agreeing what core questions we should ask in order to help us answer that key question - help us to decide by contributing to the discussion in the forum which will feed into the questions that we are developing on this page.

We agreed in the research meeting on the 30th March 2007 that we would work together to develop four core questions that all the researchers would ask, and that each researcher would also ask a couple of additional questions that they had come up with themselves.

We need to remember that all of these questions should be focussed on helping us to answer the key question: To what extent do the SParkers develop knowledge age skills?

The 4 core questions

  1. What have you done in Schome Park so far (describe in as much detail)?
  2. How important has teamwork and leadership been to you in achieving things in TSL?
  3. How does TSL affect your confidence and the sorts of communications you have?
  4. In what ways have you had to problem solve and be creative in adapting to life in TSL?

Additional questions

Add the questions you would like to ask here - some of these additional questions might well become the 4 core questions if lots of folk agree that they are going to help us answer our key question (To what extent do the SParkers develop knowledge age skills?)

  • Add your question under here (put an * at the front, then your question)
  • What do you think you have learnt from your involvement in Schome Park (or the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot more generally)?
  • When you have been in-world what has motivated you to get involved in TSL?
  • What have you found most difficult / frustrating in TSL?

Doing the interviews

Make sure you record below who you have interview and when. This will mean people are less likely to get hassled lots!!!

At the start of the interview let the person know that you are recording text and that the data may be used for a written report. Tell the person they can stop doing the interview at any time they like.

Here are some handy research tips:


Ask questions that get answers by making your questions clear and more focused as you proceed, pick up on things the interviewee says and check their meaning or ask follow up questions, show that you are genuinely interested in their responses

Have a plan but be flexible by deciding on your questions or topics in advance,but not sticking to them relentlessly if they are proving ineffective or if the interviewee has unexpected, interesting responses.


Interrogate the person remember they are giving you their time, make it pleasant and useful for them if you can, value their responses and thank them for them

Ask closed questions that only require a yes/ no answer

Ask leading questions so the person tells you what you want to hear (or they think you want to hear) rather than what they really think or feel.

Record of who has been interviewed


Name of avatars you have interviewed + date

Put interviewer name Put interviewee name (put date and time of interview)

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