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The newsletter

The team

In no particular order

  1. Kali
  2. Mars
  3. Trixxiee
  4. Baso
  5. Vibia
  6. Topper
  7. Animus
  8. KitKatKid
  9. DaisyLou
  10. Decimus
  11. JPSkater

Ways to send out the newsletter

Method Pros Cons
Through the post Guarantee to read it, so long as the address is current Expensive, we'd have to make sure it was going to benefit us
Email Free Not everyone will receive it for various reasons
Personal Messages Regulars will receive it Not everyone in the project uses the wiki, and we also aimed it at those who left the project...
Wiki The public can access it Same as above, and also you're limited to the layouts and styles etc
Combination All formats can be used, maximum availability Time consuming

Planned articles

  • Main events, a round up of what's gone on when
  • Future events
  • a foreword from Peter on what's going to happen in the future, or how he thinks the project is going
  • "In the spotlight..." on a particular member of staff, what they do in RL?
  • Schommunity xmas quiz if a special event came up

Logo / Newsletter designs

Image Comments