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Learners Y Factor 2008 - Time Explorers.

Welcome to the Time Explorers Images page, part of our entry to the Learners Y Factor.

All of the images on this page were taken in Schome Park, and all of them have something to do with History or Archaeology. Some images were taken at student-led sessions whereas others are of buildings which are recreations of historical buildings.

Time Explorers hold regular meetings in virtual reality

Time Explorers meet by the aqueducts they built
Web pages supplement discussion
Sitting down to discuss Pompeii

In-world sessions use a variety of media

Students lead sessions and produce their own resources
A clearly labelled diagram supported study of Roman roads
Later, students walked on and discussed the different layers

The group enjoys virtual field trips

First, a discussion of the cave paintings at Lascaux
Then a virtual visit to the caves
It is no longer possible to access the real caves

There are numerous historic builds on the islands of Schome Park

Some building projects are very ambitious
Time Explorers built a number of aqueducts
These became the setting for many sessions
A shipwreck supports study of marine archaeology
Historic builds by the Time Explorers
A miniature version of 'El Castille', the Mayan temple at Chichen Itza, Guatemala.

Events from history can be re-enacted

Recreating the eruption of Vesuvius
Staff members buried in pumice stone

Schome Park has its own museum

In the main museum
The entrance to the Schome museum

In fact, it has two museums

In the steam museum
Steam-powered tractor
Steam-powered threshing machine

Students round the world can collaborate on projects

Reproduction of a 50s American diner built by US students
The jukebox

Students produce machinima (films) about the past

The Titanic was rebuilt in world
The Hindenburg disaster was re-enacted

The most recent machinima focuses on a Victorian murder

The group set up an area for resources and filming
Students can click to download the story or to link to resources
Period costumes have been created for all the characters

Events are publicised both in-world and on our wiki

In-world noticeboard
Posters and images support learning
Web pages can be displayed in world to support discussion