Knowledge Age skills

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The table below sets out the 'Knowledge Age skills' that we are focussing on - with initial indicators of what different levels of competence might look like ... You can see we are still working on this (and any suggestions you have would be much appreciated)

The Knowledge Age Skills Framework

Skill Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


Projects personal characteristics

Receives messages from others, shares goals
Develops processes

Values others, understands roles and changes in roles

Joint problem-solves
Manages relationships

(from QCA level descriptors)

Selects and uses structures, styles and registers appropriately in a range of contexts. ‘Listens’ with concentration and understanding

Adapts communication for a range of settings and audiences

Makes a range of contribution, demonstrating perceptive listening

Takes a leading role, initiating and sustaining conversation, and reflecting understanding


Understands and sets greater goals and purposes

Sets examples, explains

Recognises skills of peers

Applies own and others’ skills productively


Questions and challenges

Makes connections, sees relationships

Envisages what things might be

Reflects critically on ideas and practice