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How to get a background check to enter the teen grid as an adult from outside the UK

Ascertain has set up a secure URL/site to access and submit requests for background checks electronically, in a secured fashion. The URL below sits as a sub-domain to the Ascertain web site and is not publicly accessible from Ascertain's website. The form on the site is pretty simple and only take a couple of minutes to complete:

The URL redirects you to a secure environment and the GeoTrust Secure Seal appears, to indicate that information submitted in the form is encrypted and secured.

You will need to log in, review the instructions and fill in the form. If you are paying for the check yourself, you will need credit card details at the ready. If you need Ascertain to invoice to an organisation (eg Schome) then you need to state 'please invoice' in the credit card number field on the form. The organisation will need to email Ascertain first to let them know your name and the email address to which the resulting invoice should be sent.

Submit the form.

When submitted this information goes encrypted to Ascertain Screening, and provides you with a pre-populated confirmation form which you may PRINT for your records. To protect your identity, the pre-populated form will truncate the personal identifiers (County ID No., DOB and Credit Card) and it will NOT appear on the hard copy.

You will then receive a confirmation email, to the email address you provided on the order form, confirming Ascertain have received the request.

On completion of the background check, final results are communicated to Linden Lab, as well as to you. If your check is being paid for by another organisation they will also be copied in on the results. Linden Lab does not receive the contents of the completed report; only the final results.