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Finding your way around the Schome wiki

The Schome wiki has been running since April 2005. By July 2007, it contained over 700 pages and it is still growing fast.

Finding your way around the wiki can be difficult, so this page contains some suggested ways of negotiating the site, so that you can find what you want quickly.

First, you need to be aware that Schome has included several different projects. At the moment (summer 2007) the main focus is on our projects in the virtual reality world of Second Life, but you may be interested in the Aspire pilot, or in home education, in different educational styles, or in nature trails..

Index pages

On the left of every page you can click to move straight to the main page of the wiki or to our four main index pages: Schome Park (our island on the Teen Grid of Second Life), the Aspire pilot, the Blikis (a mixture of a blog and a wiki) and our Second Life projects.

Every page of the wiki is indexed on the list of all pages, but this list is now too long to be particularly helpful.


Every page of the wiki is categorized. We are currently using 25 categories, which are listed on the categories page. If you’re new to the wiki, you may be interested in the pages listed in the Help category or in the pages relating to our Second Life island, Spii, in the SPii category.

What’s new?

A good way to get to know the wiki is to look only at pages which have been modified in the last few days. Click Recent changes on the left of any wiki page, to view a hyperlinked list of the most recent changes.
You can click the Watch tab at the top of a page to track changes to any pages you are particularly interested in. Sparkers may want to watch the Events page to keep up to date with what has been arranged in world.


If you are searching for something specific, there is a Search option on the left of every page. If you still can’t find something, it’s worth posting a query on the Forum (which also has a link on the left of every page). If it’s on the wiki, someone on the forum is bound to know how to find it.