Who's Who

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Members of the schome team based on Schome Park


Awaiting.png Liam Crosby

Teklac.jpg Teklac Yue

Ethics and Philosophy

Socratic.png Socratic Shepherd- NO LONGER


Nanodave.jpg Nanodave Writer- NO LONGER

Awaiting.png Diabound Nihilist- NO LONGER

Awaiting.png Troubleat Mill- NO LONGER


Elsa.png Elsa Dixon

Awaiting.png Siobhan Nishi

Awaiting.png Kayla Babenco

Awaiting.png Tony Ehrlich

Awaiting.png Talentedspaniel Phlox

Support Staff

Pidgeon.png Schoming Pidgeon

TheSchome Ranger head 07-03-07.jpg TheSchome Ranger

Malone.png Schome Malone

Sid.png Sid Eerie

Euphloozieplox.jpg Euphloozie Phlox

VigoForager.jpg Vigo Forager

Kamachi2.jpg Woop Kamachi

Mark sl.png Mark Cabaret

Tfront.jpg Fox Phlox

Faji bing.JPG Faji Bing

Rowan-120807.jpg Rowan

Martha1.jpg Martha Soon - NO LONGER WITH US