Using the SLog

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The SLog allows you to record your thoughts while in-world to a web page online. All your comments get logged to your name and saved to a database. This is like creating a blog but from inside Schome Park.

You can also send snapshots from in-world to your SLog - well it works some of the time anyway (we are working on sorting out the bugs - but if you have problems please do tell us about them in the SLog help discussion).

To use the SLog, you first need to obtain a SLog HUD from Trixxiee, TheSchome Ranger, or anyone else who has one! It is worn on your hand and fairly unobtrusive. You also need someone to register you with the SLog - Trixxie or TheSchome Ranger are a good bet.

If you are wearing the SLog HUD then each time you log onto SL, you are reminded how to use the SLog. To log a comment to your SLog rather prefix the text with /5

You, or anybody, can then access everyone's SLogs here [1] .

To Send pictures to the SLog, just send a poscard from inworld to: .