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10th May 06 @ 14:36 BST - dealing with usertalk page PeterT

The user talk page is horrible for having a discussion - cos it is so hard to keep track of what text relates to what other text. I have been playing around with different ways of trying to organise the messages on the user talk pages - and am wondering whether the best way to do it is:

  1. Put most recent messages near the top - so old stuff 'falls off' the bottom of the screen
  2. Start each new thread with a heading which includes the date, time, subject and name of person posting the message.
  3. If replying to a message then put your reply under the same heading - maybe using a subheading - but starting with the date, time and username in bold on one line before the reply.

Do you think that would make it easier to follow? Or should we abandon the usertalk pages in favour of a proper threaded discussion (like this one)?

10th May 06 @ 6:33 BST - content of userpage PeterT

Now that you have created seperate pages for your vision, provocations and fav website, would it make sense to remove all that info from your userpage and usertalk? My thinking being that if you have the same info in several places it makes it harder for:

  • you to keep it up to date (cos if you change it in one place you end up having to change it in other places too)
  • other people to navigate their way around

I'd suggest that you just have links from your Userpage to your vision/provocations/fav website, rather than duplicating the content of each of those pages on your userpage. Similarly, I would leave your usertalk for comments on your userpage (so no need to put links to stuff on your usertalk - this page - that are already on your userpage).

Does that make any sense?

10th May 06 @ 6:37 BST - Images and copyright PeterT

Steve, I really like the way you have brightened up the site with images - this is something we need to do for all the pages in the site cos it is much to text heavy at the moment. However, you do need to be careful that you only add pictures that you either:

  • own the copyright for yourself (which means you created the image yourself)
  • have permission to use within WikiWorks from the person who owns the copyright

If you post stuff on here that belongs to someone else then both you and I can get in trouble - we are breaking the law. So - be careful - and if in doubt double check with me or Mr Scott before uploading an image. As a rough guide:

  • if you have copied a picture from a website or book then you should NOT be posting it in WikiWorks
  • if you have taken a photo yourself then that is fine
  • if you have created a picture yourself then that is fine - so long as it is not based on an image that you have copied from somewhere else

Yell if any of that isn't clear.

Steves Vision

What Steve thinks makes a good website

Steves Provocations


I see you have updated the criteria for why you like the Sony website - your new criteria clearer than the old ones (you can see the difference by using the History tab at the top of the article panel). Nice one.

I have copied your new criteria to the StB's fav websites page - and in so doing have added bullet points (you do this by putting a * at the start of the line).

It might make sense if there was only one copy of your fav website and criteria - cos then if you edit them you only need to do that in one place. If you decide to do this then my preference would be for this to be on the StB's fav websites page, and for there to be a link from your user page to your bit of the StB's fav websites page (If you edit this page you can see how to make a link to your bit of the StB's fav websites page cos that is what these last two links do).

PeterT 06:14, 5 May 2006 (BST)

Nice one Steve - I see you've added the link to your user page - getting used to the Wiki is a bit odd at first, but once you get the hang of it I think it is much easier than editing real (html or xml) web pages.
PeterT 20:34, 2 May 2006 (BST)

Hi Steve - thanks for adding info about your favourite website and particularly for the explanation of what makes it a good site in your view.
Did you know that you can put in a link from your user page to a heading in another page - so, for example, you could put a link from your user page to your favourite website info on the StBoniface's College favourite websites page by putting in the following text:

 [[StBoniface's College favourite websites #Steve 10D/G]]

which will look like StBoniface's College favourite websites #Steve 10D/G when you save the page.
PeterT 17:43, 25 Apr 2006 (BST)

--Steve 11:45, 10 May 2006 (BST)


Thanks for the information on copyright: following that information can you please remove the

  • p200.jpg
  • relax.jpg (this was uploaded by mistake!)

Thanx--Steve 11:39, 10 May 2006 (BST)

10th May 2006 @ 14:35 Images removed PeterT
Sorted.  :O)