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Comments on Ollie's provocation

14 June 06 Supporting the Vision

Hi Ollie, your ideas have really developed a long way since the first thought that you shared in this space. Fantastic. I really liked the way you had thought about transitions through from early childhood education in how '''SCHOME''' could be built and especially liked your ideas for the Secondary Complex. Like Peter I am not sure about so much testing. I also wondered what else might need to be in place to enable students to work from home and be supported so that they are not necessarily isolated from other people or from what they might need to find out? But mainly I am interested to know what other students, also teachers and people who make education policy, make of this idea!

Great stuff - keep it up!

'''Anna Craft'''

13-Jun-06 6:33 BST - Re: Ollie's provocation - PeterT

Ollie, this is a great vision - and it did provoke my thinking so works as a provocation too. Nice one.

I like the idea of students (in secondary school) being able to have more choice about what they learn and where they learn it - and I agree that they need to be accountable (in the sense of demonstrating that they are working if not in the 'Secondary Complex') - but I am not convinced that much would change if they were being tested/examined every month. One of the problems with exams is that they limit what gets taught (the quality of teaching is often judged on the basis of how well students do in exams - so teachers want them to do well - which often means that they 'teach to the test'). I wonder if we can't find a better way to demonstrate that students are learning .....

9-May-06 - My vision User:Ollie

There wil be no school but lots of school trips

9-May-06 16:07 BST - Re:My vision - User:PeterT

Ollie, this sounds interesting. What I'm wondering is how this will be organised? For example, how will a student know what trips are available and sign up to go on them?