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Tips for Creating a Good Wiki Page

Just from a personal point of view, some tips for creating a good wiki page.

  • Make sure your page KISSes, it's so much easier. (KISS = Keep It Simple, Silly). Simple pages are much easier to read than those with lots of difference sizes and colours.
  • Use headings. If you have your page divided into different sections for different things, it makes it easier to navigate and you can jump to the part of the page you want to see.
  • Keep it impersonal (apart from userpages). It's difficult to work out who wrote the page if it is written in the first person, because anyone could be 'I' and 'me'. If adding a comment to someone's page, remember to leave your name (the easiest way to do this is to press the squiggly button (tilde) ~ three times. It's much easier to keep a page general than write it from your own point of view, except in certain circumstances, because you don't have to remember to sign it, and anyone can add things.
  • Pictures. Adding pictures makes a page much more fun to look at, and it helps to break up the text. If you don't know how to add images, see how to upload images.