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About Me


I'm a 15-year-old language and science lover who can get a little hyper at times. I like giggling...which you probably can't tell in SL, but I do, honest. I like posting in the forum, which you can see by my post count, but I contribute to the serious stuff as much (well, almost as much) as the games. My favourite colour is pink, I like Indian and Chinese food, but not together, and...well...I don't know what else to say. I ramble a lot, though, because I like writing and my fingers sometimes just get carried away and write pages before I know where I am...anyway, I'll stop writing about myself now, because not only does it sound big-headed, there's a lot about me below, and you probably want to get on with your life instead of reading about me all day, interesting as I may be.

Apologies in advance for the miles of reading there is to do on this userpage! :P

My interests in Schome and Second Life

I initially didn't realise I had signed up to take part in the Schome-NAGTY pilot, but apparently my interest was registered when I joined NAGTY's physics study group. Thank goodness it was, I don't know where I'd be without Schome now.

I love Schome, I really do, because I think that the education system in this country needs to be radically reconsidered, because it's not getting the best out of the students or really equipping them for later life. I've found that a lot of teachers teach to a syllabus rather than for the love of their subject, and the focus in a lot of schools (including my own) is on achieving a high mark in our GCSEs or A-Levels, and not on learning for love of the subject, which is something I think needs changing, because if a love for a subject isn't started at school, people are never going to go on to enjoy the subject, and use it in later life. Pretty much everything taught is done so we can write an answer for the exam, and not just for the sheer joy of learning.

I really like the way that in Schome, there are no distinctions between the adults and the teenagers (apart from in Schome Park, where there has to be from the child protection point of view), because the emphasis is on everyone learning together, whatever stage you are at in your education, and not on examinations. I also think that exploring different ways of learning is a really good piece of research, because not everyone performs to their full ability in a classroom situation for a number of different possible reasons.

Second Life is a great example of this, and it's why I find Schome Park so interesting from an education point of view as well as obviously being a great place to play around with (when it co-operates). The things I learnt during the NAGTY pilot were not things that can be taught in a school, but have a much greater value in life, because they're tools you can build on to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

I'm really excited about continuing working with Schome in Second Life (again, when it co-operates) because I've made really good friends with both the people my own age and the adults, which is another great thing about using Second Life as an environment - there's no stereotypes about age and everyone seems to get along much better because of it - and also because I think the skills I'm learning will be really useful in later life.


I love to read and write, and some of my favourite books are 1984 (Orwell), Rebecca (du Maurier) and Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Hardy). I also like books by Jennifer Donnelly, Douglas Adams, Philip K. Dick, John name but a few. Writing wise, I write short stories (none of which are currently fit to be viewed!) and I also do a lot of play-by-post forum RPing, and at some point I will write an information page about that.

Music is something that is important to me, and I can't do anything without having some music playing. My current playlist consists of bands such as The Feeling, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Snow Patrol, as well as others of that genre. I am also a massive musicals fan (as anyone will tell you!) and can often be found listening to an OLCR (original London cast recording). Failing that, I'm probably listening to Queen.


I'm currently studying for my GCSEs, taking English language, English lit, maths, triple (separate) sciences, French, German, geography and drama. My favourites are the languages and sciences, although I have a deep dislike of the GCSE syllabuses. Don't get me started on them...

Useful Links

These are some links I find very useful for a wide variety of things.

  • Schome Website - how else would I remember how to get on here and the forum?
  • The Last Year - my favourite RP forum - you can normally find me lurking there as well as here
  • Official Linden Blog - good for knowing about downtime
  • Photobucket - good image uploader for use on just about anything
  • TinyPic - makes an image URL shorter for use on limited character sigs in forums
  • TinyURL - same as above, for URLs
  • Shrink Pictures - resizes images online but keeps the same quality (good for making 100x100px icons out of photos)
  • NAGTY Website - the NAGTY website
  • Dafont - lots of free font downloads
  • Petition to save NAGTY - the online petition to save NAGTY


Schomics are great fun to make. If you have any suggestions for any, please leave them below. You can find the ones I've already made here.

My Tutorials

Click here to go to my tutorials page!

My SPii Bliki

Due to the ever increasing length of my userpage, my bliki is now going to have a page all of its own. Click here to go to it!