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hey, my name is TibbyFairy Schomer (that's the SL one of course!)

This is me, relaxing in the Japanese Garden.
And this is me, sat on the seafloor :)

I am a member of the Goverment, in General Affairs. Feel free to post directly to me on this page here.

Hi TibbyFairy! great to see you've set up a user page :-) So tell us, what's your favourite thing about SchomePark? and your least favourite? Have you been to any of the teaching sessions in world? How did you find them? Mark Cabaret 23 April 2007

For Mark: Hmm, well I think my favourite thing in Schome Park (not SPii as I am not in there yet) would have to be the Ethics & Philosophy Japanese Garden. I have had a few debates in there, all of them great. :D My least favourite...I'm not sure I have one! But I'm not a great fan of archeology so I don't spend alot of time in their area. But it's not as bad as a 'least favourite' lol I went to one of the Introduction sessions when Schome Park first began which was good, a few philosophy debates like I said, but not much else. If I had time I really wish I would do more. I'm not great at fitting all these things in!!