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User:Steve - Steves Provocations


Our Provocations:

Steve, Dan, Josh, Jak, Dan

Ways in which to promote the Schome vision:

• Mass advertising in the form of television broadcast

• Podcasting

• Actively encourage people to submit idea i.e. competitions etc.

• Press pack reports? Newsround?

• Schools could help provoke idea though citizenship lessons and assemblies.

Activity trips with feedback. For example: make the ‘ideal school’ then get students to experience it for a day and give feedback.

Make subtle changes to the school day and see how students adapt

Have ‘alternative’ school days where the experience of going to school is different and gauge the difference it make to the learning attitude and atmosphere

• Presentation Packs

The Ideas in BOLD are the main things we are working on. Any ideas how to move them forward or ways in which they could be implemented would be appreciated!

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