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Refereed journal articles

Gillen, J; Ferguson, R; Peachey, A. & Twining, P. (submitted) Regattas in a virtual world Schome Park. 
     Submitted to Language and Education, special issue on 'sites of learning'.

Gillen, J; Twining, P; Ferguson, R; Butters, O; Clough, G; Gaved, M; Peachey, A; Seamans, D. & Sheehy, K. 
     (2009) A learning community for teens on a virtual island - The Schome Park Teen Second Life Pilot project. 
     eLearning Papers, No.15, June 2009. ISSN 1887-1542. (accessed 2-Jul-2009)

Twining, P. (2009) Exploring the educational potential of virtual worlds—Some reflections
     from the SPP. British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol 40, No 3, pp.496–514. 

Craft, A., Chappell, K. & Twining, P. (2008), 'Learners reconceptualising education: 
     widening participation through creative engagement?', Innovations in Education & Teaching
     International, Vol 45, No 3, pp235-245. 
     (accessed 5-Jan-2009)
Rix, J. & Twining, P. (2007) Talking about schools: Towards a typology for future education, 
     Educational Research, Vol 49, No 4, pp329-341.

Twining, P. (2007) 'Discussing ICT, Aspirations and Targets for Education: 
     International perspectives', International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL),
     Vol 3, Nos 2/3, pp.154-170. (accessed 6-Dec-2007)

Twining, P. & Evans, D. (2005) 'Should there be a future for Tablet PCs in schools?', 
     Journals of Interactive Media in Education, Special Issue: Portable Learning - 
     Experiences with Mobile Devices, December 2005. (reviewed 6-Mar-2005)

Macdonald, J. & Twining, P. (2002) 'Assessing activity-based learning for a networked 
     course', British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol 33, Issue 5, pp.605-620.
     (reviewed 16.12.02).

Twining, P. (2002) 'Conceptualising computer use in education: introducing the Computer
     Practice Framework', British Educational Research Journal, Vol 28, No 1, pp.95-110.

Twining, P. (2001) 'Planning to use ICT in schools?', Education 3-13, Vol 29, No 1,
     pp.9-17, March 2001.

Twining, P. (1999) ‘Learning Matters - Adjusting the media mix for academic advantage'
     ALT-J, Vol 7, No 1; pp.4-11, March 1999.

Twining, P. (1998) 'SoURCE – SOftware Use, Re-use & Customisation in Education', 
     Active Learning, Number 9, pp.54-56,  December 1998.

Twining, P. (1995) 'Towards an understanding of the links between conceptual
     understanding of computer systems and IT competence', Journal of Information Technology 
     for Teacher Education, Vol 4, No 3, pp.377-391.

Other journal articles

Twining, P. (2002) 'The Computer Practice Framework (CPF)', Information Transfer 
     (The Journal of the New South Wales Computer Education Group), Vol 22, No 2, pp.12-17. 
     (Extracted from my website ( by the Editor) 

Twining, P. (1999) 'ICT - another misguided initiative?', Primary Science Review,
     Vol 60, pp.30-32, Nov/Dec 1999.

Twining, P. (1995) 'The Imperative for Change', Journal of Learning and Teaching,
     Vol 1; pp.1-3, Spring 1995.

Twining, P. (1994) 'Getting Started with Information Handling', MicroScope, No 43, 
     pp.31-32, Autumn 1994.

Twining, P. (1990) 'What's Wrong with Logo?', Computers in Schools, No 1, pp.22-32.

Twining, P. (1990) 'Writeon & on &...', Information Technology and Learning, Vol 12,
     No 4, pp.141-145.