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My exploits in Second Life

Total total time playing: > 242 hours (to week end 18/11/07)

Week ending 8th June

Total time spent playing this week: 2.5 hours

Put the sensors on open life.

Week ending 1st June

Total time spent playing this week: 4 hours

Tweaking the blog template.

Fixed all the broken links after moving servers.

Week ending 25th May

Total time spent playing this week: 1 hour

Fixing Blog things.

Week ending 18th May

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

The blog is live.....

Week ending 11th May

Total time spent playing this week: 9 hours

Writing the blog theme, finding lots of plugins and making the schome brochure site work on the development server :)

Week ending 4th May

Total time spent playing this week: 5 hours

Migrated the website and updated things.

Week ending 27th April

Total time spent playing this week: 4.5 hours

Redeployed sensors all over the place.

Getting ready to migrate the website.

Week ending 20th April

Total time spent playing this week: 5 hours

Getting ready to migrate the website.

Week ending 13th April

Total time spent playing this week: 3 hours

Looking at blog things.

Week ending 6th April

Total time spent playing this week: 0 hours

Week ending 30th March

Total time spent playing this week: 0 hours

Week ending 23rd March

Total time spent playing this week: 5.5 hours

Lots of back end stuff.

Week ending 16th March

Total time spent playing this week: 4 hours

Been doing lots of admin type stuff.

Week ending 9th March

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

Been playing with the sensor page, now that I understand MySql that is :)

Week ending 2nd March

Total time spent playing this week: 14 hours

Spending lots of time on the space experiment, all finished and it's all good :)

Week ending 24th February

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

Another meeting this week and some DB upgrading, it's almost done now and will hopefully soon be ok to manage by itself for a long time to come....

Also spent an inordinate amount of time on our space experiment proposal, but have not been noting the hours on that one!

Week ending 17th February

Total time spent playing this week: 5.5 hours

Had a meeting this week, and FINALLY got back into the server, so spent all night doing some much needed DB maintainance, v.dull.

Week ending 10th February

Total time spent playing this week: 2 hours

4th February

Messed around in world and then spent AGES trying to log onto the OU server to carry on development of the sensors, and could I log in? pfffff.

Week ending 3rd February

Total time spent playing this week: 7 hours

30st January

More playing.

29st January

Been playing with the help button, basically rewriting it to make sure mis-communication from other objects doesnt set it off, as it has been a lot recently.

Week ending 27th January

Total time spent playing this week: 5 hours

21st January

Putting some finishing touches to the island.

Week ending 20th January

Total time spent playing this week: 18 hours

20th January

What's the deal with things not wanting to rotate in a sensible way?!

19th January

More scripting.

17th January

Scripting different things. It annoys me that no matter how much we play with permissions that they never seem to work properly and they like to sap my time. Or how LSL doesn't intuitively let me do what I ACTUALLY want to do. You people had better like all the new stuff or I am going to be very bitter!

15th January

aaarrrrggggggggghhhhhhh. I hate rotations.

14th January

More scripting, getting close to finished.....

Week ending 13th January

Total time spent playing this week: 13 hours

13th January

More scripting, now there are two buttons.... Been getting very frustrated with losing scripts today, it seems the DB they use is crap.

11th January

More scripting, do you dare press the green button?

10th January

More scripting.

9th January

Met with Dan and worked on the list some more.

8th January

Started on the list of things for Dan.

7th January

Had a long flash meeting with the team. Amazingly I can move between the islands now! Woooo. Now I know what it looks like :) Started some scripting for Dan, why is it that whenever I want to do some scripting SL seems to grind to painful halt and stops me doing my thang :( Hopefully my new RAM and graphics card that arrive tomorrow will sort that.

Week ending 23rd December

Total time spent playing this week: 3 hours

Tried to get onto the second island. Failed :(

Week ending 16th December

Total time spent playing this week: 8.5 hours

Working on something secret :)

Making php even more correct and closing one or two potential security holes.

Week ending 9th December

Total time spent playing this week:2 hours

4th December

having to make php pedantically correct :(

3rd December

Played on the new island.

Week ending 2nd December

Total time spent playing this week:9 hours

28th November

Various bits and pieces.

27th November

Schome base up and running.

26th November

New schome stats up and running, just need to put the sensors in now :)

Week ending 25th November

Total time spent playing this week:4.5 hours

25th November

Been trying to figure out how to getaround not being able to move things into the ground.

19th November

Hung around in world for the teachers TV thing.

Week ending 18th November

Total time spent playing this week:6 hours

18th November

Lots of prim sensing stuff and tried to get hold of the DB, gonna have to wait until tomorrow :(

Week ending 11th November

Total time spent playing this week:3 hours

5th November

Did some more dev of the prim sensor and showed Gaea how to do stuff.

Week ending 4th November

Total time spent playing this week:6.5 hours

3rd November

Building a summary page of time spent online ([1])

Finally (!) inserted all the data sitting in my inbox that comes from failed insertions from several months ago.

Week ending 14th October

Total time spent playing this week:10.5 hours

13th October

Lots more prim sensing, need to return to owner when done, and have a variable scan radius as a function of height.

12th October

Working on the prim sensor, sorting the way the DB displays the data and trying to figure out why on earth the sensor stops at random points on the island, whats so special about 152,176, 20??? grrrrr.

11th October

Working on the prim sensor, it is very nearly finished in its initial form. spent ages trying to figure outwhy it stops against an invisible wall on the island, seems there is an option to not let objects pass between different parcels of land....

Week ending 7th October

Been spending lots of time inworld with the schomers this week.

Week ending 30th September

Total time spent playing this week:3 hours

25th September

Did more back end stuff on the sensors, made them have unique keys so duplicate data not a problem. Thinking that above a certain height it should move more and scan a larger radius.

24th September

Faffed with all the going ons in world...

Week ending 23rd September

Total time spent playing this week:6.5 hours

23rd September

Worked on the back end.

19th September

All connected up now, as in the sensor logs stuff on the webpage :) Just need to make it work properly!

17th September

Started the back end of the DB. Need to make the sensor move properly, may have to use the teleport hack to do this.

Week ending 16th September

Total time spent playing this week:6 hours

16th September

Loads of progress with the prim sensor. It gets all the data from the dataserver, and moves. Just need to make it move systemmatically around and then make the data appear on a web page. Should be up and running (in a beta version) in about two weeks :)

15th September

Started on the prim detector.....

Week ending 9th September

Total time spent playing this week:7.5 hours

9th September

Finished up the next version of the sensors. A few days a testing and I'll implement them island wide.....

8th September

Done away with lists entirely in the script, can do it with strings. Just need to tidy it up and finish the readme file and it's good to go....

Week ending 2nd September

Total time spent playing this week:6.5 hours

31th August

Hmmm, my memory leak seems to come about from a misunderstanding of lists, hmmm.

30th August

Been extending the scope of the lists so can actually get the full 16 avs in one sense. Although, now there is a memory leak :(

29th August

The secret magic word algorithm seems to be working! Just some rigorous testing to do now......

Week ending 26th August

Total time spent playing this week:4 hours

21st August

Lots of playing with the new script, almost done :)

20th August

Started to implement the secret magic word algoritm :) Tidied up LSL, got rid of verbal error messages. Of course now it doesn't work, sigh.

Week ending 12th August

Total time spent playing this week:5 hours

6nd August

Changing lots of things on the new website, after I thought it was finished. Grrr.

Week ending 5th August

Total time spent playing this week:12 hours

4th & 5th August

Finishing off the new website.

2nd August

Failing miserably to make the website use include files, sigh.

1st August

Been redeveloping the schome website.

31st July

Started to tidy up my wiki pages. I have learnt a lot from some of our new members :)

Week ending 29th July

Total time spent playing this week:4 hours

26th July

Started to get stuff together so that Hugh can have the sensors. Backed up the DB and did some maintainence.

23rd July

Started to play with the map api of KB, led me to start exploring libsecondlife so I started to install that on my server, failed of course, just need to figure out why :(

Week ending 22nd July

Total time spent playing this week:6 hours

20th July

We had an all day meeting at the discovery centre today :)

17th July

Started to play with the resolution on the heatmap. A 2m resolution looks nice (left), but makes the page huge (4MB) so very slow to view. So I compromised and went for a 4m resolution (1MB) (right).


Week ending 15th July

Total time spent playing this week: 5 hours

Mirrored into my new server (, so I can develop on there. Loads of tidying up of code, and 'idiot proofing' ready to give away.

Spent 3 hours doing DB maintainence, dull dull DULL!!! (Deleting things, updating things, backing up things, retyping the Z axis (forgot how high the little darlings like to go!)).

Looks like the failing sensor messages were due to the response from the physics server not getting back in time since all the data the error logs created were already in the DB. Will address this in sensors 2.1.

Week ending 24th June

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

19th June

Spent an hour trying to figure out where the old sensor is and how on Earth (or is that how on SchomePark?) it got there. Not really much progress in this, I slightly modified my prim scanner to try to help. Hopefully Dan will be more use.

18th June

Well the sensors broke while I was on holiday (I knew I shouldn't have read my emails!), so I spent this evening fixing them. I think it is all good now, just have to pick through the error log on the server now to double check. And this was supposed to be the start of my 'break' from SL, so now I really am working for free, sigh.

Week ending 10th June

Total time spent playing this week: 25 hours!!!

10th June

Rewrote most of the main page, it's now all fluidy, i.e. it resizes correctly and behaves how you would hope it would. Didn't have as much luck with the sensor page though :( I also migrated the test DBs so now all the data should be going to the main DB. Spent time hanging around having my avatar collect data just by being there, while doing other stuff.

9th June

Started reworking the main page so it works properly. Fixed the missing data problem (llhttprequest was taking too long and confusing things). Started dialogue with the scottish schools guy.

6th June

Trying to figure out why it loses one entry when inserting the data. Adressed the fairy problem. Read up on the llHttpRequest throttling.

5th June

Read a giant tome of MySql to figure out how to fix the duplicate data problem, all fixed :) I reckon that the sensors could overlap as much as you want and it will sort it all out for you, ergo a better data coverage. Just taking more data to test it. In the process of tidying up the web pages too.

4th June

Lots more playing, the DB doesn't seem to like my conditional on weather something exists or not when many INSERTS are happening simultaneously, so had to learn what a LOCK is. Also had a very long meeting with someone about them maybe coming to play with us.

Week ending 3rd June

Total time spent playing this week: 10.5 hours.

3rd June

Fully migrated to the physics server, this is now the more viable option. The people who run the central ou servers want me to test it such that I can garantee it won't break their server, but the best I can do is to say that it works on mine ergo it should work on yours. But this appears to not be good enough. Anyway, it's at

31st May

Lots more development work tonight, I think that the sensors are nearing completion :) However, the llHttpRequest function started to get throttled, could be a fly in the ointment...... Scanning in the sandpit at present, two running simultaneously to see how the time resoultion fairs. It's at if anyone is interested, and the sensor positions work nicely now too :)

29th May

Spent ages tracking down and killing a bug, sigh.

Week ending 27th May

Total time spent playing this week: 5.5 hours.


22nd May

More sensor work. Made sensors in world and made them update themselves.

21 st May

Lots more work on the sensors. They now sync their start, have multiple redundency levels of data transferal (incase the server dies), error messages, flushing and restarting daily, an updating sensor stat page, and more stuff that I forget. See the testing page for what it currently looks like.

Week ending 20th May

Total time spent playing this week: 10 hours.

Been woring on the sensor_page, they are coming along nicely. I improved them, migrated them over to the physics server, found out there is now going to be a space for me on the central server, went back to improving them. Also, I started a wiki page where I hope to convey everything I know about scripting...(intermediate_scripting)

Week fifteen

Total time spent playing this week: ~10 hours.

Back from holiday, now all I need is a holiday to recover. I made a page talking about the sensors a bit sensor_page. Then went in world but it crashed just as I was about to sail a boat. It looked like it crashed for marc too....

Faji regatta crash.jpg

I have been developing the sensor page a lot this week, it can do a multiude of things. If you find any errors please note them on the sensor page, also if you have any requested features then that's the place to ask for them.

Week fourteen

Time spent playing: ~12 hours

I have spent an hour inducting no one, an hour at the meeting (rather instructive I thought), an hour having a meeting with Dan about the sensors and the things we can do with the data, two hours restructuring the data base so it is smaller, and at least two hours playing with the web interface (not to mention the countless hours reading stuff in the wiki and forum!). All in all I am spending far too much time on this project, but I am rather enjoing it :)
Now add this endless list: an hour inducting, two hours in world, two hours fiddling with the web thing (roughly shows the sensor locations now).

I'm off on holiday on Tuesday (Lisbon for two weeks :)), I think I deserve the break, although the book I am taking to read on the plane is snow crash, does that count as work?!

I do agree Olly. Your log of hours is interesting. I started, but stopped after a bit as there didn't seem any point and by the time I'd finished playing or doing stuff on the wiki and forum I'd had enough. It's wierd how it sucks you in. I wonder if we'll need counselling when we're done ;-) Gill 23:21, 22 March 2007 (GMT)

Week thirteen

18th March

Time spent playing: ~15 hours


I have been playing with the sensors a lot. There is now a nice page with lots of data displayed on it ( It has the map, plot of visitors over time, when the last time each avatar was on and a few overall stats all on one page. I have the positions of all the sensors in a seperate table that I will incorporate to the page at some point. There are a few things to note with this page:
- The data is sent to the database from SL when the sensors are full, this means that there may be times when data takes several hours to be recorded.
- The height of the daily visitor plot is a little misrepresentive. It shows the total visitors, not unique visitors. Not sure if it would be better to show unique or not.
- The most popular place may show '0' this is because some of the sensors did not have the names of the places they were in to begin with, this will dissapear over time.
- The total time online is number of entries in table x5mins as the sensors have a temporal resolution of 5 mins, so that could mean that people are online for anything from 1 second to 9 mins 59 secs, so 5 mins seems a fair estimate.

I have also spent quite a while in world too, glad to see that some of the residents have used my cannon script :)

Week twelve

10th March

Time spent playing: 7 hours

Induction part two?

I went to the island in the hope of there being someone for my induction session, but as it says on the wiki, still no joy :( So I carried on with my sensors. It now has a built in error checking module that resets the script should it all go horribly wrong (and it emails me so I can stop it doing that in the future). I am sticking a line in which reports the name, date, position, radius, and scanning period to a seperate table when the script is started/reset, this will allow us to find where all the sensors are, if (and when) they reset themselves, and also to draw a pretty plot of the sensors scanning area overlaid on the map:)

9th March

Launch day!

We were supposed to have a couple of the NAGTY folk inworld today, but the registration jobbie seems to have broken down, so the kids couldn't get in, so I couldn't induct them. Ho hum, I guess this is new project after all. So I spent five hours playing with the sensors. I now have a script that, as requested, knows where it is and records who comes near it. Then when its internal list gets filled it outputs all the data it has collected to a specially formatted URL on my server, this then gets unencoded into sensible variables which then get saved in a database. See [] and particually the schome park section. The limit on how much info the script can process seems to be the length of the list I use, I may make the list a group of lists so that the limit will be what the sensor can deliver (I think that is 16 avatars at once). I will also make a pretty page that works better too, that way we really can see what is going on.

The registration thing is something Linden Labs and Fred are working on ... very frustrating ... PeterT 07:10, 10 March 2007 (GMT)
The sensor thing looks great - I would be happier if this stuff was on my server inside the OU firewall - we should talk about getting you access - do you have VPN? PeterT 07:10, 10 March 2007 (GMT)
Confused as to where the sensor output is coming from. Have you written new sensors or is it the ones I have laid down across the island? Let me know and we'll tie this up over the weekend Dan 09:21, 10 March 2007 (GMT)
I've now update the script sensor page so you can see exactly the type of script running on Schome Park Dan 09:21, 10 March 2007 (GMT)
I do want to put it on your server Peter (don't want my hosting friend to get too annoyed with all this data :)) but for now I think it's easy for me to develop it on mine (for the next few days at least). I do have a VPN token. Do you have phpmyadmin installed?
Good - nag me via email and I'll put you in touch with the FELS techy folk who look after it - they can sort out access for you. As for phpmyadmin - heck I don't know - sounds techy to me. lol PeterT 18:16, 10 March 2007 (GMT)
The data is coming from a couple of transparent sensors of mine. Ill just pass you the scripts when they are finished and you can replace yours.--Olly 17:22, 10 March 2007 (GMT)

I have also been playing with my nabaztag bunny API, and I think that I may make it light up when someone is on the island, or perhaps when they shoot the cannon?

Week eleven

4th March

Even later (and after some rather nice single malt)

The map thing is looking even better now :) I am thinking I will make the page so it is a one stop portal for all the in world information you could ever possibly want. I'll have the list of people go on the page with the map, figure out when people leave the island and so get an idea of total time they spend on the island, total visitors to the island etc etc etc. Any other wishes? (I do still have to address the scanning radisu and the no of things the scannor can see at any onetime though).

Cool. Talk with Dan - he is doing stuff with sensors and its important that we don't duplicate effort. I would also be much happier if this was hosted on one of my servers at the OU (so inside the firewall etc) - talk with Vlad about access (or with me and I can talk with the techies who look after the server). Wish list would include things like: look at where one person has been and how long they spent there; look at how many people have been in a particular place, and how long they spent there on average; oh so many options ... Hope you are still staying on top of the SLog stuff - we do need you as backup incase something happens to Vlad ... PeterT 07:56, 5 March 2007 (GMT)

A bit later

The map thing is starting to take shape [], just need a nice jpg of the island now.


Done! [] This has info from a sensor (close to the sco-op (and almost invisble))sent to it in a backend php script which inputs it into a database. The page then generated is straight from the database :) The sensors have a 96m scanning radius, but I read that there is a hack somewhere to give it a larger radius. Also the sensor script only returns 16 people (I think) so I will need to work around this. I was thinking of having a page with a picture of the island and over plot the positions of the people with a red circle, then we could see the most popular places. Any other suggestions anyone?

2nd March

I have decided that I don't like Rails, it's easy to get going but it's harder to make more complex things, and I don't think that it's very scalable either. So, I looked at llhttprequest, this integrates with php rather well (and php is my language of choice with t'internet). So it's dead simple to make something that sends data to my server and does stuff with it and sends stuff back. Now all I need is something to develop my skill with, I was thinking that I may incorporate the sensor script with this so that it throws it all in a data base and maybe even dynamically draw graphs of stuff. Anyone have any requests for stuff to be made like this?

Talk with Dan - we want the data from the inworld sensors to be saved out to a database. Were waiting for Vlad to have time to do it - but if you can do it then that would be cool. PeterT 22:13, 3 March 2007 (GMT)
I think we need you to be the backup on Rails as none of the rest of us are programmers. Maybe a longer term conversation can happen over preferred scalable system but for now I think we've got to go with the current system. Maps: I've been taking screen shots but I think you're ahead of me. I think your personal server is down. Could you pass on some of the maps to me via email? cheers --Mgaved 11:38, 5 March 2007 (GMT)

Week ten

Time spent learning this week: considerably more than 10 hours

It was decided that it may be useful for someone else (other than Vlad) to learn Rails, so I am. This is proving to have a very steep learning curve, very very steep. Vlad reccomended a few web pages and the instant rails package, so there I started. I managed to follow the 'cookbook' tutorial and got most of the way through the 'todo' example. But it's the little things that get me, I can follow most of the code, it's when web server decides to throw errors up that I get stuck, sigh. Well I think I am at a point now where I could look at what Vlad has coded and have a very vague idea of what it's doing.

Week nine

Total time spent playing this week: 5.5 hours

17th February

Time spent playing: 3.5 hours

I have been playing with vehicles today, they have their own set of functions to learn, joy. So I have managed to construct a script that lets a prim hover in the air and move forward and back, and turn left and right. The key difference between this and other vehicles is that it has a sensor in it which figures out how far away a specified object is, if the object is further than 10m away, the vehicle gets rotated to point directly towards it. The sensor used has a feature which lets it track avatars if you want, so I will write the script so you can climb into the vehicle, say someones name then you can follow them as you normally would on a tour, but if you lose them you will be helped to find them again, brilliant :)

This is still very much a work in progress, the vehicle is rather sluggish, and when you are rotated to look at it sometimes you end upside down! Still, it shouldn't take too long to do now that I have a vague idea how this scripting malarchy works (famous last words).

13th February

Time spent playing: 2 hours.

We had a meeting this morning inworld, this meant people could try the cannon, and it seems to be working well :) I have tidied it up some more and put the latest version in the script library.

Week eight

Time spent playing this week: 5.5 hours

8th February

Time spent playing: 2 hours.

Hmmmm, the teleporting hat idea seems to be rather difficult to do! For a start everything I make doesn't attatch directly to me, it just hovers nearby. Then there is the warpPos function which doesn't seem to work. I can make a prim move to another prim, or to an avatar, so I will have a go at modifying a flying thing so that it moves according to its controls, but if it goes too far away from something it gets pushed towards it.

7th February

Time spent playing: 1 hour.

Started my teleporting hat idea.

6th February

Time spent playing: 2.5 hours.

The cannon is looking much better, the controls are now much simpler, if you touch it it tells you what it is and that you should climb in it to use it. When you climb in it tells you the controls to move it and fire it. The camera also follows it a bit better now.

Week seven

Total time spent playing this week: 4.5 hours

18th January (early morning)

Time spent playing: 2 hours.

I have fiddled a bit and made some progress. If you touch the cannon (near the photo booth bit) it gives you instructions etc, but then it gives you the option of 'climbing in', this lets you move the cannon from inside. This should solve the problem of it shooting you at random speeds.

The camera doesn't seem to centre properly all the time which is a little annoying so I shall watch this. Maybe I'll make it so there is a cross-hair at the end and your camera is positioned at the other, that way you can aim from the inside properly. I was intending on having some kind of number display and to stand next to the cannon but, I think the cross-hair may be more fun :) Maybe I'll use the number idea for the cannon ball shooting cannon.

I also need to play with the force applied when you are shot. This is a function of position of your avatar from the centre of the prim, the mass of your avatar and how much 'energy' the prim has left. Energy in SL is in no way related to energy in RL, this seems to be a way of limiting the amount of times you can shoot things in a given time, as to stop annoyances from people, but may prove a hinderence for the cannon. I will read up on this more when I get a chance.

18th January (early evening)

Time spent playing: 2 hours.

Today I have been trying to make my cannon put me inside it before it shoots. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot move the avatar directly so I am attempting to make a linked set that talks to each other. I can then make the person sit in a controllers chair to aim it, then they can be teleported/moved inside the cannon. This is not what I wanted to do, but it looks like the simplest way for now.

17th January

Time spent playing: 0.5 hours.

So far it's not letting me log in, hmmmm, is it update time again?

Yes it is, the blog says it may not be working properly until 23:00 GMT, hmmm, well I'm downloading the update anyway.

Won't let me play :( Oh well, I guess I could go read a book or something.

Week six

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

12th January

Time spent playing: 2 hours

Person cannon

This is nearing completion, there is a much more working version of this near the photobooth part of the island. It now has an explaination of the controls when you start, and you can change how hard you are shot from it. So, if you are good enough then you can shoot yourself onto the platform with the track things:)

I am trying to make the cannon move you to the centre of it before you shoot it, this is proving to be more difficult than it should be! I have seen a cannon that lets you climb inside so I guess that's the ultimate aim, but for now I will be happy to be moved/teleported to the middle of the cannon before you fire. This will also do away with the variability in power of the shot based upon the distance you are standing away from the cannon.

11th January

Time spent playing: 2 hours

Fixed my baby

My computer works again now, which is nice, turns out the heat sinc was very very dusty, so after a very caring dust it seems to be working (so far at least).

Cannon ball cannon

The cannon that shoots cannon balls now works! It's in the centre of the island for all to play with. I know it works because I used a different avatar to test it. It rotates about the centre of it which is something I intend to change. And it looks like it is made of plywood! So if anyone wants to make a realistic looking cannon and ball then please do and I will stick my code in it. To use it you click on it, it shold ask for your permission to take control of your keys, then move it to where you want it, then click on it to fire. It will let you fire as many cannon balls as you can be bothered in one minute.

Could you rename both objects with a name that makes sense - and set the group to Schome Prim Trustees (and allow them to copy, move, edit, give away? PeterT 06:45, 12 January 2007 (GMT)

Person cannon

This is also in the centre of the island. Again, you walk up to it, click on it and it will ask for permission to take the input of your controls. Move it to where you want to be shot to, and click on it. Because of the simple way this is currently implemented the further away you stand from it the less power there is in your shot. So I am thinking of either figuring out how to make someone actually get inside it, or maybe have them wear something (maybe once you have done something then you earn cannon privliages) which I can shoot, or figure out how to move an avatar to an arbitrary position, or have them sit on a cannon ball before they start.

Any ideas on how to decide how hard to shoot stuff? I guess I could have a counter on the chat channel and it changes by pressing the fly up and down buttons. And what about the view? Would people prefer to be looking along the cannon?

I had a play - at first I didn't think it was 'firing me' but that was cos I was too far away from it. Feels funny when you start running/flying without feeling like you are controlling yourself! After a few plays I got the hang of it - and it's great.

I was thinking that we would put the person cannon on the second small blue platform (next to the DIY Photobooth). Then folk could shoot themselves to the next large blue platforms (where the sonic racetracks will be). So need to set the cannon so it can shoot people to different platforms (needs some adjustment of the position of the platforms I guess cos it fires you quite a long way!). Could we also make the 'cannon' into a blue transparent tube - with an arrow showing which end you come out of (all to match the platforms needless to say)? ... PeterT 06:37, 12 January 2007 (GMT)

9th January

Time spent playing: 1 hour


Well it lets me log in, but I'm naked, and it can't find anything in my inventory, hmmmmm. Maybe I'll go and read up on some functions in the wiki.


The forum said they were having issues, so I came back an hour later and it worked (and I had clothes again). Spoke to Woop in the development area about my cannon, he gave me a script with sensors in (something I hadn't really looked at) and it got me thinking. So did some digging around the function list and I think I have found what I am looking for, so hopefully the cannons will be working soon. Sadly I had to stop as my computer died again, BIOS claimed my CPU was at over 100 degrees, so it looks like a fan may have died or needs cleaning or something. I'll take it apart tomorrow and have a look.

8th January

Time spent playing: 1 hour

Before death

Logged on, amazingly there was no update! I think my avatar is looking a bit fatter after all the chocolate at christmas, flying could be an issue..... Went to SchomeBase, showed Schomer Simpson my cannon, it works for me but no one else, wandered around a bit then disaster! My computer died, SL does run at 100% CPU so maybe it pushed it over the edge. Managed to get it going with a bit of persuasion, so I am spending the rest of tonight desperately backing up stuff. Maybe the cannon will take a day or two more :( or maybe my baby will never run SL again.


Well my machine seems to be working now :) But will it last..... I spent a while looking through the forums catching up on everything. Finally followed Nigel link to a cannon (Caledon Moors Thanks Nigel). It looks good and I can get in it nicely, it even has the options when you right click on it to get in and to ignite it too! It didn't seem to fire me properly though, I'll go back and play with it later I think.

Week five

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

20th December

Time spent playing: 2 hours

The cannon

Lots more progess with the cannon! I have put the rotating thing on the back burner (vectors really aren't that exciting!) and started to play with the idea of shooting people, instead of cannon balls, around. The good news is it works! The bad news is I don't know if it will work on anyone else:( The method I have started to play with is the llPushObject() function, this lets me push something as hard as I want in what ever direction I want. This is good because I have the direction sorted with the cannon ball script. The only problem I have encountered is that it needs the key of the thing it's about to push, I know it can use me but I'm not sure it will work on everyone else, if this proves to be a problem I will make it shoot an object (e.g. a chair that you can sit on). Elsa was the only person I could find online and when she came to have a go she seemed to crash, hmmmm. They are both on the development area on schomebase, please do have a play and let me have some feedback (i.e. does it work???).

With this final note I am off for Christmas, so have a good one to who ever reads this.

Hope you have a good holiday too - I'm sure I won't be able to resist trying out the cannon even though it's work! PeterT 06:10, 21 December 2006 (GMT)

19th December

Time spent playing: 3 hours

The cannon

There is now a kinda working cannon on the development area platform, have a play, see what you think. I have come across a problem now though, it rotates around its centre, but this doesn't look too good. I couldn't figure out if it is possible to make it rotate like a real cannon by fiddling with the rotate commands or not. I tried rotating it then repositioning it, but the 0.2 sec delay between these makes it look too jerky. I just tried linking two objects together - one visible the other transparent, in the hope that the centre of the object would be redefined, no joy. Also tried putting a very thin prim on the end of the cannon with the script about the cannon being in the thin bit in the hope that this would move the cannon, also no joy, I think there must be an issue of who is in charge of what here.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the issue relates to the order in which prims are linked. The last prim is the one on which the axis of ratation is determined (or the first one but it's certainly the order of selection for linking that makes a difference) - hope that helps! Nigel 12:10, 22 December 2006 (GMT)

18th December

Time spent playing: 1 hour

Meeting on SchomeBase

I finally was able to make it to a monday meeting:) but the usual meeting was not scheduled:( so we had a meeting in world instead. We had a tour of the island, it's shaping up nicely I think. The discussion area is nice (a circle you can sit on), the build area looks good (now that I can get there I will move my cannon there). The reception area looks very good, kudos to whoever did that. Sadly our running around game wasn't too successful, things were learnt, but I feel we needed about another ten people to acheive what was aimed for.

Week four

Total time spent playing this week: 6 hours

16th December

Time spent playing: 4 hours

While reading some random things I came across this: [2] it basically says that Linden are going to implement HTML ingame so that web pages can be seen in world. There are all sorts of interesting features that could come from this.

The Cannon

This is coming along nicely, there is a working cannon sitting on a magic carpet looking thing on CETLment, above where the little schome hut is. You touch it and it watches the input from your movement keys, you can move it so that it can point in any direction, and when you click on it again it shoots out a cannon ball. It says a lot of things, just ignore this as it's stuff I was using to debug it. The muzzle velocity is set to 10m/s and the amount you can move the cannon in one key press is 10 degrees. The whole thing resets itself after one minute (just incase stuff goes horribly wrong!) and the cannon balls die (i.e. cease to exist) after a few seconds, this makes sure there aren't millions of the things anywhere.

Next on the list of things to do is to make it move about the point which touches the floor (as opposed to it moving about it's centre point). It is my aim in the next week to post stable versions of this on the wiki then people can start playing with it or making realistic looking prims. Any feed back would be appreciated.

Also, can someone give me one of those feather things which make you fly high, then I can start doing this in the development area.

14th December

Time spent playing: 2 hours.

ISM tour

Went for a tour around the ISM, very cool. Found out a few things about the place in general. I'm sure there is a page here somewhere about what we all did:)

Week three

Total time spent playing this week: 9.5 hours.

10th December

Time spent playing: 4 hours.

Resolved issues

After asking if anyone else was having problems scripting on the forum Nogbad said that he was having issues too. It appears that as non-island owners we cannot run scripts on the island :( NOTE: that says ON the island, so I have built myself a little platform above the schome base area at a height of about 100 where the rules dont seem to apply. Time to get back to where I was last week...

Another crash

Second life crashed again, just waiting for the crash logger to finish. Just had crash number two for tonight, sigh. There goes crash number three.

The cannon

I now have a sort-of working cannon! Sort-of in that I have had to compromise on a few things until I figure out how to pass data between non-linked objects. It currently just shoots spheres out of non-movable tube. I'm going to have the angle of the cannon changed by the arrow keys and then using that info I will rez the balls with the correct velocity vector. Not having scripting privilages means that as soon as the balls go below a certain height they loose the ability to execute things, which means the llDie() function doesn't happen, so if you find random balls lying around belonging to me (faji tulip) please delete them. Equally so, if you know how to pass data between non-linked objects please tell me:)

Olly! I've found a working circus cannon at location: Pickerel - it's just round the corner of where the ICT shop is supposed to be (but I couldn't find it and found the cannon instead). I'll find the coords for you. It's just sitting on a back porch. You 'touch' it and that puts you inside, then you 'touch' it again and it fires you over the district. No controls and I am not sure what's going on there in terms of how you are flying, but fly you do and end up landing in a heap the other side of the island --Mgaved 21:15, 12 December 2006 (GMT)

7th December

Time spent playing: 2 hours


Ever since the update on the 5th I have been having real issues with scripting. I have been trying to trace the error back to something I have done but it has got to the point where I can't get ANYTHING to work :( Even just creating a new object and then clicking on the 'new script' button which puts a default script in the object doesn't work anymore. If anyone reads this can they please attempt to do this and tell me if it works? If it does, you should be able to click on your new object and it will say something to you. With me, I have to be above ~77 (in SL Z-co-ords) for it to work (i.e. I have to pick it up, wear it, then fly up, and THEN touch it).

As you may guess, having spent the last 2 hours trying to make a box talk to me with no success means I have made no progress with the cannon, sorry.

5th December

Time spent playing: 1.5 hours


Another update to download.

The cannon

I was having real issues with this today, when I had my gun held it wasn't giving me the option to go into mouselook. The spinning thing I made has also stopped spinning and doesn't seem to want to start again. I had to go flying around for a while until eventually it let me go into mouselook mode. Very annoying. I can only postulate that the new download had something to do with it, although I read the release notes and it shouldn't have done. So not much progress made today, just a bit of fiddling with rezzing things, quite dull really.

4th December

Time spent playing: 2 hours


Did a fair bit of reading about scripting. This was good because I figured out how to actually make a gun shoot! So I have a cube which shoots spheres out of it (I'm more interesed in making it work than looking pretty). The next step is to make the cannon pass the info to the cannon balls so that they go in the correct direction (they currently all go in a predefined direction). A few more evenings and I may have a reasonably functional cannon (famous last words!). I will then leave it somewhere for people to play with.

I also have made exploding type things, there is a collection of spheres near the Schome hut which when you walk into them you get thrown away.

It is my intention to post the most recent version of what I'm doing on a page somewhere so that people can play with it and add things, but I need to get it to a logical point before I do that.

Someone said that in todays meeting it was suggested that the cannon should be able to shoot people, that's an awesome idea! I think that this should be do-able, at the very least I guess a 'participant' could sit on some kind of entry seat which has an invisible thing in it which gets lifted up and put in the cannon, then the person would fly along with the thing. I'm sure that it can be done better than that though :) In fact I guess I could steel the mechanism from the exploding type things.

Digital display

I have a pretty good idea of how to do the digital display too, I was thinking of mimicing the logic used to build one in real life, I've done that before so shouldn't be too hard.


Met Terrence on CETLment and helped him become a Schomer - maybe this needs a page in the FAQ. Done - it's here PeterT 06:13, 5 December 2006 (GMT)

Then SL crashed so I decided to stop for tonight and interact with things in the 3D world.

Week two

Time spent playing this week: 7 hours

3rd December

Time spent playing: 2 hours


While I was on the CETLment island some people came along in a spaceship type thing and a helicopter and started to bug me. They dropped cages from the sky which trapped someone on the island. They obviously have more time on their hands than I do!

I've copied this over to the Bad things in Second Life page PeterT 06:04, 4 December 2006 (GMT)

Building a cannon

Played around with some more scripting. I have made a cannon ball script which follows the equations of motion for a projectile. It's rather rudimentary and jerky at the minute, but as a starting point it's ok. I implemented it in equation form becasue I figure that using the inbuilt functions isn't as versatile (I could e.g. change g as to simulate the conditions on another planet), but I could be wrong there.

I have started work on the cannon script too. Currently you can touch a tube which asks for your permission to take control of your input and you can move the inclination by 45 degrees. It swivells around it's midpoint though, so I have to change that.

Once this works I will make cannon script pass info to the cannon ball script so it can shoot at the angle the tube is.

Sounds cool - where is the cannon? Can anyone play with it yet? (Suggest that we make things accessible to members of the Schome Educators group once they are in a fit state for other folk to play) PeterT 06:04, 4 December 2006 (GMT)

30th November

Time spent playing: 1 hour

Playing with scripting

Had a fiddle with some scipting, made a few things which moved around randomly, and changed shape randomly, nothing too complex. I think I have a rough idea of how to do the cannon thing now, I will attempt to make this in the next day or two.

29th November

Time spent reseaching: 1 hour

My future direction

I suggested to Peter that maybe it would be worth while for me to get into the scripting a bit more, since it claims to be similar to C and I write in C++, not to mention the fact that as a physicist I firmly believe that EVERYTHING can be described by a formula! So I am going to split my time 50:50 between learning to script and adventuring. Give it a week or two and I may have a vague idea of what I'm doing!

Login failed - 21:37

"Second Life is temporarilly closed for maintenance. Logins are currently ristricted to employees only. Check for updates." Time to start the reading I think:(


I had a good read of a manual with lots of examples, I really reccomend this as first port of call to those that can code but don't know LSL, The Script library is also very helpful, [3]. I will have a go at implementing some of these when I am next online. I found a complete function list too, [4].

28th November

Played 2 hours


Well the things I created are still there, rotating away:) No one to play with though :(

International Spaceflight Museum

Went to the International Spaceflight Museum via the SLURL located around here somewhere, it's very cool. Its URL is [[5]], it looks good in some of the pictures they have there. There are models of many different spaceships in a nicely modelled environment. You can take a trip in one of their spaceships which drops you on a plane directly above the island, the plane itself is semi-transparent and below it is a picture of the Earth as taken by one of the Apollo missions. Can wonder round and look at some more stuff there. Me being me, I took a walk of the edge somewhere and wound up in what I can only guess is their development place. They had a large telescope which they had cut in two and in one end small spheres were entering, they went down to the end where they bounced off the bottom and then back to the secondary mirror then to the focal point, I liked this a lot, I think a similar principle could be used in many things, be it diffraction or electricty - How about a water-slidesque elecrical circuit where you sit on an electron and go around the circuit, but when you come to a junction you have to figure out which one you will go down by solving logic gates etc?

There is a laptop near where you teleport to which lets you send an email to the owners, not sure how this works but it's a good idea, it also is a URL so if you click on it your browser opens and you go to it. So sent an e-mail to the owners, just because I can:)

There is a planetarium on the island, this is quite good, you sit in a small dome and the ceiling moves above you, although I still maintain that this would be better if it covered an entire island.

They have a robotic arm which you can move by pressing different buttons, nice idea, but not actually much fun to play with!

Can go and stand on a platform surrounding each planet. There is a little information about each one and the sattellites that have been there. Earth - mostly harmless. You can teleport to Mars and stand on the planet with the first full panoramic pictures from one of the rovers completely surrounding you. It's actually quite difficult to move around from planet to planet, I tried twice to make it all the way to Pluto, but failed both times - teleporting does't seem to work very well:(

All in all, I would reccommend everyone spends at least an hour wondering around here.

27th November

Played 1 hour

Had a go at scripting, I made a few things and made them rotate. Was near the scome place, not sure what happens to them when I log out though. Turns out that you can wear pretty much anything you make, so I was wandering around looking like a giant planet for a while. Then realised I could make things rotate and sit on them, so went for a ride, round and round and round....... Met Nogbad on CETLment and he gave me a few scripts. Also found this website which has some basic scripting on it: If only I had some kind of imagination to think of something to do......

Check out the Second Life Projects page - where folk are posting up ideas and asking for help with stuff like scripting ... PeterT 06:39, 28 November 2006 (GMT)

What about implementing your cool volcano simulation idea? (Though that does sound pretty difficult!) PeterT 06:39, 28 November 2006 (GMT)

Week one

Well I managed to download and install the SL client on my laptop with no problems. Sadly my wireless t'internet doesn't seem to like it, it lets me walk a few yards then the internet goes and I find myself walking through the scenery. Very odd, since my internet is usually very stable. My laptop is relatively fast too, it meets the min specs no problem. So I installed on my desktop, works fine on there and no disconnects.

Wondering around I really struggled to find anything to do, there was shops (but I had no money), and most of the 'popular' places seem to be based around the adult industry (not really what I'm in this for).

Made my way to the CETLment island via the SLURL, clearly the most helpful thing ever, I wonder if there is a nice thingy of just SLURLs which could help me find interesting places. There seems to be many toilet rolls on CETLment, all of varying sizes and designs, very odd. And the most common thing I can actually do is to sit on things, so I spent about half an hour sitting on chickens and frogs (well if it keeps me off the streets...)

Had a few thoughts on what I think would be good things to develop on the island (see forum post)

May have a go at making stuff, if the scripting language is based on anything I know then it shouldn't be too hard.