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Everything you ever wanted to know about me

Schome: Everything I have been doing that is Schomey is on my /bliki page. The main things being the Sensor_page and the Script_person_cannon.

Job : 3rd year full time PhD student, reading theoretical astrophysics. Looking specifically at Intermediate Polars. Anyone interested (or very bored) can check out my work page at [1]

Education : MSci in physics from Imperial College London.

Hobbies : Web design, see my personal web pages faji and ollyandbecca (I'm a geek, ergo I have no concept of what looks nice but it works nicely:)).

My Useful Links


[2] Beginners guide.

[3] LL example page.

[4] LL script library.

[5] LL complete alphabetical function list.

[6] LL events list.

[7] Schome script page.




[10] Instant Rails.

[11] 4 days on rails.