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I'm Nigel Gibson and Nigel Gibson 2 (on FirstClass) and Nogbad VanDornan (on Second Life), I'm Nogbad on the web too.

I work for the OU as an AL on T175 and also M150. Previously I've worked on T171 - the first big online course offered by the university - all that students got in the first mailing was the Online Applications CD, TU170 - completely online, a 10 point course spawned from T171 and TT281 - all online again. I helped revise and deliver "Tutoring online" for the NEC - participants got a paper workbook but again we only met online. See a pattern? I've taken an online course as a student, H806 "Learning in the connected economy", to see what it felt like to be on the receiving end - that course (hopefully) completes my MEd, my first degree is from the OU too.

I also part time as a Regional Adviser in Region 13 (East Grinstead) and I'm contracted as an "elearning consultant" on an OU led project for the Sussex Learning Network. The project will soon have a blog or a wiki - I'd love to share some of what we're doing in terms of elearning in FE and HE in Sussex and grab ideas. In between those jobs I teach "New media" to 3rd year undergraduates studying for a BA in Media and Communication Studies at the London College of Communications - I've just started that and it's a ten week gig, part of the assessed component is an individual blog on which students are asked to post reflections on the course as it progresses - it's interesting working with a group of non-technical young people and seeing how they approach Blogger when they are more familiar with MySpace. Naturally I maintain a web space to support the course.

My background isn't in education, I came to it late in life after spending a lot of time doing any number of different jobs ranging from working as a chef to managing a team of auditors in Germany, IT Manager for the company who make Prince Charles's shirts to children's entertainer on a holiday camp.

You might have spotted that I'm interested in how we can use online technologies to support and promote learning and engage with learners - I'm fascinated by Second Life but I'm also fascinated by real life, I'm usually the one asking the daftest questions in meetings.