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Because the Schome Park project has finished, I'm not going to be on the forum as much. (ye right!) However work still continues recording stats from the wiki and forum, and on the Learners' 'Y' factor and Space experiment. If you need me, please send me a personal message.

Mars' schome.jpg

Welcome to Mars' Schome...

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All about my avatar

I’m a member of the Schome Park project. I was in the initial group of gifted and talented students to join the project, and have stayed in it ever since. This page should hopefully give a bit of information about me, as well as recording what I've been up to.

Since the project began I've really got into design and media. I upload a fair amount of images to the wiki, and I'm constantly on a hunt for pages that need updating. Back in October I was asked if I was interested in working on the bid for the E-learning awards. After a few weeks work, we came up with the bid which can be found here and here. Unfortunately we didn't even get into the top 100 finalists.

I've also got an interest in building in Second Life. I've made a variety of buildings and designs for buildings.

Some info about me:

  1. First joined forum back on March 07, 2007, 02:26:56 PM
  2. First edit to the wiki was SkyBase@250

What I've been up to

Remember for a full round up of my activities you can read my blog.

Within Schome Park (the first phase)

In the pilot of the project I was very confused. Second Life was a whole new world to me, so I didn't get as much out of the project as I could have regarding SL, but I did meet a lot of talented people!

Within SPii (second phase)

Within SPii I tried to get even more out of the project:

Within SPiii (third phase)

With SPiii not open yet, I have taken the chance to revamp yet more wiki pages, and more...

  • Revamped several of the government and strand wiki pages
  • Invented the idea of Schome Wiki and Forum Barnstars
  • Helped with the mediabox bid
  • Worked on the Space Experiment Competition
  • Worked on the J8 Wiki pages for the group, in particular on Infectious Diseases
  • Wrote up the weekly summary for the bliki

Last few piccies!

These images are available larger if needed - just ask - not that I think you'll be after pictures of me... lol

Final view...
The Beta Japanese garden
A car crash in the trees
Fuzzy - will need to change this pic!
Looking out of the waterfall on Beta
...and going back in the waterfall
The caves - very confusing!
The room at the end of the caves, it never really had a purpose
More caves!
Some artwork in the caves
...and more art
The spARTans' tea party
Very pink volcano!
...and in the normal light
A coastal sunset
Me in the ruins
Me in the Japanese garden
The ruins
Sir Woop.
Beta entrance
Ooh... :D
Posing at the media board, the strand I set up with Pigment
What am I looking at?
Looks like Animus' has been busy...
Bubbles in the lyceum
Through the rocks on Beta
Schome Central
...and again...
Media and MySchome
Looking down on the spARTans' game of chess
Another view of chess
The media centre; my best ever build IMHO
Nice look Johnny...
Practising for the orchestra
...and again
Very varied looks and outfits!
Dressing up...
Perhaps Zzzzz stole Johnny's other eye?
The Blue Mango
...and again!
C'est moi!
...and me again :-)
Good memories...