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Welcome to KitkatKid's Pages!

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Welcome to KitKatKid's Bliki! I will try and update this weekly.

29th April 2013

WOW Schome Park was a long time ago!

14th March 2010

PeterT posted on the forum yesterday about the possibility of a new look schome, which led myself, Topper and Animus to discuss in world our plans for the future. Things are looking good for the this space!

PS. Just remembered I promised a write-up of the Time Explorers. I will get round to this one day...if not for everyone else then for me.

20th September (2009)

I just wrote a whole long post but then it vanished :( Anyway, basically as I don't have the time to write it all again, I'm just posting to say that I really miss the old Schome, and hope that someday soon we really do find something else to continue the old times.

14th September

Popped inworld again this morning, just wandered round the History area a bit. Then I went over to Scholympia and went underneath it, where the Terrafirma group had started to build some caves. Then I went over to Beta and looked at the flowing lava bit, and relaxed in Rambo's chill out area.

13th September

Well, I haven't written for a longgg time! Well Kit is back in world now, all because the Y Factor team were invited to London to present! This is great news and you can read more on the Schome blog. So yes, London is the 13th October..just realised - only 1 month to go!

Back in world, I've been re-exploring the islands - I took a trip on my innertoob inflatable and paddled around Alpha. I stopped by at the memorial garden and realised I had never actually been there much before. I then walked to the ruins, another place I rarely visit. Then I made my way back to the inflatable, and continued to paddle. I spent about 10 minutes negogiating the small stream in the japanese garden complete with low bridge, to find that it leads nowhere! So I reversed slowly out and continued along.

I also took a nice shot of the history island.History island

Then I visited the old site of scholympia and looked at the wonderful image for ages:

Kit reminiscing

Kit reminiscing

That's all for today...I shall try and keep this updated more..promise!

16th June

So much for the regular blogs..ho hum, well I will try now even though theres not much to comment on. Apart from the forum topics. So what have I been up to recently, well... Learners Y Factor work has almost finished now, working with Spiral on a Teen SecondLife world (whatever it is now) research project. Will post more another day, week or month.

12th May

Had 5 personal messages when I went online on the forum! Gee I'm popular! :P More later..

10th May

Has a month really gone by since I last posted! There's only 3 weeks left to go (roughly) one of which I am on holiday :( so I am going to make every effort to keep this up. Been organising the Learners X factor recently, which reminds me..organise an inworld meeting. Last weekend I signed up for the TG, and got a bit confused. Wonderful builds there though! Thats all for now.

13th April

Boy, this hasn't been updated in a while. So since my last posting, we had a big meeting with Peter inworld and discussed the future of Schome Park. It turned out that Schome Park will almost definately close at the end of May, but it is possible it will reopen later. So, with only 7 or so weeks left, everyone has really got together and organised some great events. I started the History strand with Vibia, and we have scheduled 7 weeks of events starting from tomorrow. So that's it for today, I promise to update this a lot more over the next few weeks, despite no-one reading it :P (I do. Fox 22:19, 10 May 2008 (BST))

27th January

Last night was the opening ceremony. Dudefish officially declared Schome Park open in a nice short speech. Then Baso went off to prepare the fireworks in the Beta Sandbox. The rest of us stayed in the Lyceum and discussed a few things, notably Vibia's singing. Then we received Baso's call. We teleported up about 250 metres above the sandbox and took a seat. I must say Baso, those seats were fabulous. Then we were told to set the world to midnight for best viewing! Then Baso told us a story and the fireworks appeared! Now head over to my Picture Blog to see what they were like. Then of course the inevitable happened - dancing! Everyone put on their bracelets, said don, and off we were. My buddy Tara managed to get to the dancing stage, but I had to leave after about 5 minutes of seeing her :P

22nd January

I hereby declare myself the first non-staff SParker into Beta (I think)

19th January 2008

I know, I haven't written here for a long time. Today the first glimpses of Beta were seen. It seems that the island is set in a crater and you can only get in through certain airlocks! Very interesting. Days til Alpha/Beta opening : 3

15th December 07

Today is the last day of SPii as we know it :( Been in-world all afternoon. Talked to Ahoy about the scavenger hunt and we made a prim and changed the co-ordinates for supertravel! Then Faz gave me a building masterclass. We made spirals rotate and textured them to look like 70s Bar chairs! Then Elsa came over and we all sat on them trying not to throw up!! Then I made Elsa a birthday present which gives you a notecard!

7th December 07

This week I have been trying to get people involved in a Health and Medicine project strand. I think that pretty much everyone who has read about it is interested. I have spoken to Ronnie about possible crossovers with the Ethics and Philosophy strand.

Week Beginning 3 December 2007

Haven't been in-world much this week as the computer which runs Second Life is in a room extended from our house - so its not as warming as my room :P . Been active on the forum after school though and most of the discussion this week is about SP3 and the addition of the new island.