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Welcome to KitkatKid's Pages!

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First Life

Im 19 years old and male. I go to Sheffield University and am on the first year of a four year Biology course. My interests include natural history, walking, gardening and reading!

Second Life

In SL I am called KitKatKid (Kit for short). I naturally have green hair, a schome tshirt and some nice red and black trousers.(My picture needs updating!), however I've now gone back in time to the time of the toga! Most of my time in SL I am either attending or organising events, or just chatting to other people. Occasionally I will try my hand at building but that normally ends in disaster!

My Memories of far!

These are just a few of my favourite memories.

  • The first day when I met Mars, Yankee and Amba.
  • Setting up the original Weekly Meetings with Vibia.
  • Being the first student into Beta.
  • The great fireworks by Baso on the official Beta opening.
  • The infamous 'Get the physical ball to the island' challenge set by Topper to me, JP, Waffleking, Yankee, Bright, Euph and some others.
  • Getting the History sessions started
  • Starting the Time Explorers Learning X Factor bid.
  • Going to London with the Y Factor Crew and coming 2nd!

I shall update my page soon so watch this wiki!