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Gaea SParker

I'm Becca my avatar is Gaea Sparker, i'm new in world. For those that are interested, I named my avatar after the Greek goddess Gaea [1] (sometimes spelt Gaia). She was the Goddess of the Earth and the source of all life [rather appropriate considering my PhD topic!].

This whole wiki thing is new to me, so you will probably find me editing pages wrong and accidently deleting other people's work or something dippy like that ;)

For now I will just be experimenting....

About Me

I'm a geologist just finishing my PhD in Planetary Science. Basically I play around with rocks, more specifically chunks of asteroids (known as meteorites). I get to analyse them using lots of fancy (yet temperamental) equipment.

So what do I do in SPii??? Well I am the one that registers all you adults and students in the project. I am also like "Big Brother" - watching your every move on the wiki.

Hobbies and Interests

Mostly I like to annoy Olly (avatar = Faji Bing), though he's used to it!

I love to cook, especially food from all around the world. I have loads of cookbooks. Recently I have started adding some family recipes and those of my own to our blog - though I am lazy, so they don't get uploaded that often.

I also love my Xbox - favourite game is Halo. One of my favourite past times is to invite loads of friends over to play giant CTF games in Halo, we have even had them with 16 players at once! I should probably also mention that my Wii also holds a special place in my life ;) I'm just waiting for Medal of Honour Heroes 2 to come out on it....

I bought Olly an X360 for his birthday, something tells me my PhD won't get finished this year!

My Links


My bliki

Space experiment competition