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December 2007

The merry month of mock sats and rain, eh?

16 December

  • Chatted with Peter
  • Reflected on Schome Park II
  • Created the Golden Fountain Park to mark the last day of SPii
  • Stayed around with Topper after everyone had left

Today was a big day, Schome Park II closed.. It really is the end of an era. I spent some time reflecting on how SPii was a different island to SPi, in more ways than one. I talked with Peter on Instant Message about what the phase was like for him, and met everyone grouped around the site for the new Golden Fountain. We all talked for a while, and when some more people came online we all headed down to the beach for a party! The mood changed instantly with dancefloors, bubbles, flashing lights and of course Faji's dodgey dancing! It felt like new year.

12 December

  • Created the new SPTC hovershark 4.0
  • Started on an SPTC motorbike
  • Relayed certain pieced of the racetrack to perfect height
  • loafed around, talking with kathy

=== 11 December ===

Schome wiki.jpg
  • Set up a blog on the Schome wiki
  • Filled in blog details from yesterday
  • Created a navbar on my wiki page
  • filled navbar with my links and coloured it
  • Created Faz's Gallery wiki page
  • added a few pictures to gallery page
  • Updated my first life section of my user page

Today I learnt a whole new aspect of Schome. I've never understood why people will go on the forum and wiki but not visit Schome Park, now I understand that. It's an odd feeling, I've always considered Schome Park my highest priority in Schome. I hope I've learnt from today and will perhaps focus more on the wiki and forum from now on (particularly the wiki!)

10 December

  • Added more barriers to racetrack
  • Welcomed back Kathy Schomer
  • Tested security in Topper's building
  • Created Schome Park Vehicles wiki page
  • Listed several vehicles on the wiki page
  • Created stats bar textures
  • Found out the mass of several vehicles
  • Talked to DaisyLou using voice chat
  • Obtained a mps Speed script from Kathy
  • tested and recorded top speeds from several vehicles
  • Took pictures of some vehicles for wiki page
  • Created a control tower for the sandbox airport

Quite a productive day on the vehicle side of things! Managed to create a vehicles wiki page where I can put vehicle stats on, my estimations about performance on some vehicles was way out! It was great to see Katharine back in Schome Park as I never really understood why she left as was on my hols in Austria, but heard it was something to do with Building and planning officers breaking the rules, imagine that! cough cough. Anyway, this is quite odd as I am writing this on the 11th... yes in the future, as nothing has happened as Second Life is offline, so I'm just recapping really.

Ahem, if I may butt in (I'm going to anyway :P) it was actually to do with the rules, beaurocracy and Edi and myself, not the b/p officers. And what's with the cough coughs? ;-) --Marsbar9 Schomer 18:09, 11 December 2007 (GMT)