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Welcome to my Wiki User Page. It is set out as a profile split into two main sections - First Life and Second Life. You can go to any of the paragraphs by using the contents box above this, or you can check out some of my other Wiki pages by using the Navbar at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy viewing my userpage!

First Life

My first life.jpg

This Section is as much as you need to know about my First Life as I can cram in without giving away any personal details or information, I hope you enjoy reading up about me.

My beliefs

My beliefs.. okay, here goes.

My Search

I would rather spend all my life searching for the answers then die believing what everyone else does.

My Back-up

So this is like my religion I guess, the thing i have faith in even if it seems incredibly unlikely. I am an exitionalist. I believe there could be a higher form of existence than the physical world. I do not believe in heaven, but would like to think there could be a place in which we all exist as one in a pyscological form where we can just exist freely. I am an athiest, which means that I do not believe in 'God'. I have to say that I have a hatred for the religion Christianity, but not for the way it inspires people to be a better person. If I were to choose a religion I would be a sikh, for the simple main reason that they believe all forms of religion lead to God.

My self interests

Although I don't go to any clubs I like to play football and rugby a lot with my friends on the green in our area, I enjoy most sports and am very fast. I play grade 4 piano and have outside school lessons, I also play keyboard in my spare time. I like to listen to music a lot, play PS2 and PSP, chat to my friends on msn, read fiction books, occasionally draw and.. go in Schome Park of course!

My Music

I like to listen to different music depending on my mood, I listen to indie rock a lot and like genres like rock, reggae and *SOME* hip hop. Sometimes I listen to some music by a particular band for a long period of time and then move on to something else, I enjoy feel good music as well as what might be classed as slightly depressing music. I don't like tags like chav, emo or goth and prefer to by my own person.

My Past

I come from the East of England in a county called Cambridgeshire, nowhere specific of course. Let's see.. I developed a fear of spiders at a young age when shown a bird eating spider VERY close up but strangely am fine with other arachnids, with the possible exeption of tarantulas for the fact that they look like spiders. I live in the suburbs of my city and have done for all my life, which is great because it is LITERALLY turn one way, vast countryside and small villages, turn the other way and it's city centre in a matter of minutes. Go straight on and you'll find yourself in a big park called.. well i'm not going to say, but it has giant fields, 2 big lakes, a watersports centre, lots of cafés and a hill perfect for tabbogoning in heavy weather. You can see our fireworks show here that thousands of people come to see each year. When I was younger I attended _____ ______ primary school, which is probably the best school in the area, about 2 minutes walk from my house. It was great fun there. I usually go on holiday at least once every year and have been to countries such as Minorica, china, Spain, majorca, corfu, zakinthos, ireland, australia, thailand, wales, france, austria and a few other places that evade my memory.

My present

Second Life

My second life.jpg

This section is all about the avatar you know as faz Schomer.


Faz a little about me.jpg

My Awards!


Barnstars are awards for the forum and the wiki. People are free to create and/or give them to anybody they wish. Here are some barnstars I have recieved. You can drop off barnstars at my talk page if you would like to.


SchomeBarnstar20forumposts.png SchomeBarnstar50forumposts.png SchomeBarnstar100forumposts.png SchomeBarnstar1000forumposts.png SchomeBarnstar2000forumposts.png


Userpage barnstar.gif Faz's barnstar.png Barnstarforartistsandphotographers.png Busy bee barnstar.png Creator barnstar.png Giver barnstar.png


BarnstarTHS.png Sptc barnstar.png

Other awards

SPII regatta time trial award

SPII regatta time trial award (motorboat)

SPII regatta sailing award... or something

My Buildings

As you've probably figured out by now, my main hobby in Second Life is to build! I have designed and created lots of buildings and will put them up here soon so you know what to look out for. What some people don't understand is that whilst I am competetive at building design stages, is that it's never about winning, it's about creating a good design. Building is one of the things that comes naturally to me in Second Life, I don't have to think or plan ahead, most of the time I just do it on impulse. Quite a lot of the time I develope build blueprints and designs in my head in a matter of seconds. Sometimes when I can't access second life, or find it hard to explain a design I will use Google Sketchup, which is the design programme I have found most like Second Life.

Scho-op wiki.jpg the Scho-op

Library wiki.jpg the Schome Library/Art gallery

The SPTC castle.jpg The SPTC

My Robots & Gadgets

I enjoy creating various gadgets and robots, most of which I do on behalf of the Schome Park Technology Centre, here are a few to keep you amused.

My Projects

Here's a little collection of my favourite past and present projects in Schome Park I and Schome Park II that I am most fond of... enjoy

Current Projects

Kicking off on 9th October 2007 is the anticipated CSI: Schome Park pilot episode. Filming is expected to start on sunday. It may not look like we are acctually DOING anything untill then but what we are really doing is sorting out scripts, storylines, charactors, sets and clothing. The series will be based on the masterminded CSI series' by Anthony Zuiker, and primarilly based on CSI: Miami. For more info See the 'CSI: Schome Park' wiki page.

Past Projects

Check out the Second Steps wiki page!

My Vehicles

One of my main passions in Second Life is the creation of vehicles.

Here is a collection of some of my prized vehicles, enjoy but don't touch!

Land Vehicles


Air Vehicles


Water Vehicles


Other Vehicles



Did I miss something? What is this? --Marsbar9 Schomer 20:10, 14 September 2007 (BST)