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Hello everyone! Word for the day, week, month and year is: ip. Ip as in ip, its sublime beauty expressing all that is meaningful in the world, or simply the monosyllabic glory of itself.

I ought to add a bit more to this page so:

My main objective in schome park is to work on the physics engine. At present I have an experimentation area at 100,42,120 and have set up a demonstration area almost directly below it on the ground, up against the fence in the physics area. I have also been attending the Philosophy and Ethics meetings and I advise everyone who can to turn up (I think Hapno is arranging some more sessions) and join in. As well as this I've been helping with the chess set, building most of the back row single handed :D, though my knight is frankly rubbish, and with general building. I'm now part of the planning and building office-campaigning against mega-builds quite fervently. Communism would also be appreciated. ;)

Updating on 15/8, as I have been negligent in this, to say the least, I am now doing odd jobs in the loosest sense of the term, with the AI emporium logo being my most recent project (nearly 200 prims for an object less than 3m^2^. Hopefully some of my vague advice will have helped when building various things, and I spent a while smoothing out the newest design. I have also designed and made several works for the Scho-Op/Second Steps building, design 3.2 being my crowning achievement, through much help and advice. Some advice: never, ever, try to do a control panel script for a dispenser without setting aside a few hours of time first. My other works involve the sandworm, though I admit to being very stuck on that in the past week, the water sculpture of which I am quite proud, and the waterfall frontage for the media room. I am looking forward to the exhibition immensely. Unfortunately, doing all this, as well as my fervent work on the Building and Planning Permission Department (do not ask how long it takes to run a weekly sweep of SPii!), I am neglecting the Physics work, though to give him credit Marko has done some admirable experiments on SSF.

In first life (copied wholesale from the topic of that name):

I am kind of weird, but normally not quite so much as receiving-blank-looks weird, though sometimes I have that effect. I have two brothers, a twin and an elder brother. Both of them are in NAGTY as well and you may know who they are. I am a fervent athiest and rationalist, though a great advocate of 'vivé la différence'. I can see why some people believe in God but I prefer just to believe in the world as it is. I'm interested mainly in politics and science, though in the former no one would ever vote for me. Sticking at GCSEs but generally reading up on life, the universe, and everything (though not necessarily in that order). I enjoy reading a lot and am working my way through the school library at present (at Edgar Allan Poe at the moment, having just finished Franz Kafka) so tend to pick up odd turns of phrase etc depending on what particular period I'm reading. I can't equal Faz on amazing sights (apart from the largest bronze outdoor seated buddha in the world) but I've been vaguely around, and is not every leaf as wonderful as the entire world? I seem to be taking up a rather large number of hobbies, ranging from climbing and landboarding to SCUBA diving and skiing. I like to cycle or walk pretty much everywhere (almost 50 miles cycling in a day, go me!) so am working on Silver DoE, having got my Bronze. I also go to explorer scouts with a mad leader (eg two weeks ago we built castles out of cardboard, slept in them overnight, then threw javelins through them and burnt them down in the morning).

Hi Explo, have you thought of doing some of your DoE in Schome Park? Would that work? Fox

I hadn't actually. I could probably link it in with service or skill (government and community work, scripting, building etc), but I'm afraid the section which I'm lacking in ideas most, physical recreation, would be difficult. It seems kind of nonsensical that I'm having problems with phys rec, considering my hobbies, but unfortunately I tend to do most of them unofficially.

Hey, its Explo's wiki page, he is the scientist of Schome Park and creates black holes in his kitchen in his spare time=P, keep it up Explo!

As long as you keep them away from the crockery, black holes are fun :p. I must say that I have been very lax on the Physics strand recently,

Hmm Black holes are good but what happens if the ones in the LHC grow a bit then we are in trouble :P Topper Schomer

Something makes me doubt that's going to happen, what with the fact a black hole weighing 1kg (way bigger than what the LHC's going to be using, I expect) would disintegrate in something crazy like 10^-20 seconds :P --Decimus 18:23, 6 February 2008 (GMT)