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The chessboard, as it was on the 27th of March
The chessboard, as it was on the 28th of March


Back in the mists of the ancient (*cough*) past, when SPi existed, Decimus decided to build a chessboard. This has been carried across into SPii and should soon be ready for use.

Current status

The chessboard, as it was on the 29th of March
The chessboard, as it was on the 4th of April, after the addition of the bishops by Explo.

Version 1.0 of the chessboard is on the wiki, here; a full summary of how to use it is provided on that page (specifically, in the 'Instructions notecard' section)


Thanks go to Explo, for building most of the pieces on the board, and Marko, for providing the scripts to detect if a move is legal. These scripts will not be used directly, because a large amount of the code has to be rewritten to work correctly with the other script, but the scripts that will be used will be based on those.