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Davee Commerce is Dave Taylor in real life, currently Knowledge Transfer Leader and Development Manager at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.

I’ve been in SL since May 2006 and a member of the International Spaceflight Museum's Planning Group since before they 'launched' their first island. I also have exhibits on Info Island and at the Science Center there. NPL's own Nanotechnology Island is under development. We're now in a large and rapidly growing cluster of islands intended to be a major destination for science and technology on the adult grid.

I love to work on the frontiers of major paradigm shifts, particularly where technology helps us to learn, communicate and collaborate with one another:

  • I helped to develop and market an educational robotic plotter (featured on BBC's Tomorrow's World), working with teachers around the UK
  • I founded Letraset’s software and digital font business when the Mac was new, and introduced educational pricing for products like Photoshop
  • Prior to that I worked with one of the networking pioneers, Nestar, and launched the world’s first PC network
  • I worked with one of the world’s greatest graphic design teams to develop websites number 30,000 and 30,001 (approximately) in 1994
  • And now I’m resident number 240,001 (approx.) in SL