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This is some homework I had to do for the animal course


In the future I would like to keep a goat. This is because I have always found them fun when I go to farms, safari parks etc.

How long does a goat live?

A goat lives 8 to 12 years. Once there was a goat which lived to 24!

What does a goat eat?

Goats eat hay and grass most of the time but you should give it a mineral block.

Should a goat be left alone? Goats do not like to be alone put if you put a doe and a buck together you would get to many kids.

Does a goat need vaccinations?

Yes they do to stop diseases like mad cow, foot rot and pneumonia.

How much does a goat cost?

Over all a goat cost £75 to purchase and then with adequate pasturing they should only need supplementary feed in the winter.

This is some homework I had to do for reading group. It is what I think the forth book in the series i am reading will be about

Book 4: The chronicles of Ancient Darkness

This book is due out in the autumn. What follows is my idea of what the book may be about

Torak is called by the ‘Soul Eaters’ and cannot resist the call. Renn, his friend comes with him to aid him. When they get there the ‘soul eaters’ capture them and use him for their plan to get the last-fire opal. He also finds out a great secret about his father.

After Torak has found the fire opal and endured many adventures, he returned it to the ‘soul eaters’. Torak asks to leave but the ‘soul eaters’ have other plans. They are going to eat his heart because if they do they will have great power , the legend says that if a soul eater eats the heart of a spirit walker he will have immense power. But first they will make him witness the end of mankind.

They will do this by bringing the greatest demon ever back to life.Torak must escape and warn the ‘world spirit’ about this. He manages this and finds the ‘world spirit’ on the ‘mountain of the world spirit’.

The mountain spirit gets angry at him and forces him to find the Yuan root at the top of the 14567ft high ‘mountain of the boar’.

He does find it but at the top he meets the bat mage. They battle and Torak’s spirit walks into a eagle and fly’s away with the root.