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= 19 July 2007

Today I watched a movie called freedom fighters. I also completed driver 76 on PSP.

2 July 2007

Today at 8.00a.m i did my piano practice. I am on grade 7 at the moment.At 8.30 I did a hour of literacy. I am studying "roll of thunder,hear my cry". I have also done my biology. I am working on revision of section 2. My dad has just got 2 massive computer screens for his new job. Earlier today I did some more Ebay work. If I put all the items on I will get 25% of the profits.

1st of July

On thursday my dog sweep died. We were in the pet store and we came back to the car and she was dead. She had had a heart attack. She was dieing from a spineal tumor.We now have a new dog called Pingu, the penguin. She is very playful and likes to bit my toes. She also likes chewing things.Today I went swimming with my friend. We spent 1 hour in the pool and then we went back to his house and played on his and mine PSP's. Afterwards we went to the fields in his wagon.

Did you watch the docter who last night. It was amazing.

Go on this educational website called It is awsesome.

June the 4th

Today I just got back from a 6 day trip into the amazon rainfaorest.

We had to take a boat from Iquitos for 3 hours along the Amazon river.It was amazing. When we got to the lodge we met up with our guide who was called moises.He was very kind.

Our room had no electricity and no hot water. There were no walls so the entire house was covered in a massive Mosquito net.

After lunch we went on a jungle walk. My brother fell in to a swamp a was in mud up to his waist. We also found a massive bullet ants nest. Bullet ants are about 2 inches long and are poinsoness .Later on that evening we went camen hunting. Camen are like crocodiles. We found a baby one.

The next day at around 8:30 we went to look for pink dolphins and go swimming in the Amazon river.

We didn't see much but the swimming was great fun.

On the way back from the dolphins it poured with rain. After lunch we went Pirhana fishing. It was great fun and we caught loads and ate them for diner.

That night we went tarantula hunting and found a massive pink toed one.

The next day we took some canoes into the flooded part of the jungle for an hour and a half until we came to a spot we could eat are lunch and go on a hike.

During the canoeing back I saw a massive frog. We also got stuck in the trees and the sea cabbages which float into the Amazon river.

The next day we went to see the giant lily pads and the largest lake in the Amazon.

I did not enjoy it that much.

That afternoon we went spear fishing which was a disater. There were no fish so we did nothinf in a canoe for 2 hours.

That night we went to the the tarantulas again.

The next daywe went to see the dolphins again. This time we saw loads and i will show you a picture when i get home.

In the afternoon we went pirhana fishing again because we enjoyed it so much. This time though e cought 3 tiny fish.

The next morning at 5:30 we went on a bird watching trip. We also saw 2 sloths.

After breakfast we went to a village and i talked with some villagers with are guide translating.

At 1:30 we went back to Iquitos on a really fast boat. We then flew to Lima and at 1 in the morning we will fly to chile and then to Easter island.

26th of may

Today i am in chiclayo. I t is a town 10 hours outside of the tropical forest. When we got to Peru we did some things then drove to chiclayo from lima (the capital) When we got to chiclayo we spent a day resting in the hotel. We also went to the market and i bought an argentina football-shirt.

After that day a private tour guide named eduado(ed-wa-doo)and a driver called edwin picked us up and drove us the chilo lodge in the tropical forest. It took 10 hours to get there and we drove through andes,coast and forest.

At chilo lodge there were loads of wild animal and insects.

That day we went to a place called revash.

My favourite bit about this part of the trip was kuelap. It is a chachapoyas ruin 3000 metres above the ground. I found a praying mantis there.

We also went to gotcha falls. They are the 3rd tallest waterfalls in the world. On the way back to chiclayo there was a mudslide. The entire road through the andes was covered in rocks. It was very scary because there were still rocks that were falling.

There was a truck the got hit by lots of rocks.

7th of may

Today I started making a new airfix. It is called a thunderbolt. I also watched the burbs . It was a great film.

5th of may

Sorry I haven't put anything on for a while I have just been really busy. Today My friend taught me how to jump a bike. I have really got the hang of it. I also made £21.50 on ebay from some old computer games. I also bought a PSP for £72.50 and a PSP game for £9.00. I am also gardening and working today.

26th of april

Today I went bikeriding with my friend. My brother fell off.

23rd of april

Today I worked very hard. I did 1 and a half hours of gcse maths,half an hour piano,2 hours science(1 hour physics,half an hour chemistry and biology)and loads more.I also played star wars on the xbox. I really enjoyed it. I have nearly completed it.I also had my clarinet lesson and my sax lesson.

22nd of april

Today I sold a pc game for 2 pounds.I also bought 5 more xbox games which are batman begins,fifa 06,fifa street 2,star wars revenge of the sith and 007 everything or nothing. My bro and me played star wars multiplayer which was great.I also watched the aston villa game on tv.It was really good but we only drew.Then i did double housework which earned me £11. Now I only have £89. This is because I bought 5 xbox games.My dad also taught me about tan,cos and sin. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards I played football then all of us watched Johnny English. At 8:30 we will watch tv in bed after reading for 1/2 an hour.

20th of april

Today we had a drawing class. We learnt to draw a face. I enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards my friend and me went to a fields outside his house. I got stung by loads of stinging nettle.

19th of april

Today I have sold some of my old stuff on Ebay. I really enjoyed it.I also had my french lesson which I did very well in. Yesterday i played football with my friend and went to trampolining,reading group and talking group. My mum organises the second one but my friends mum organises the rest.

In talking group we did a test to see how good at talking we were. We were all given a word to talk about for 30 seconds . Next week we will talk for 1 minute. We are also doing an argument about fantastic mr fox.We have to say if it is alright for the fox to steal food or are th farmers allowed to shoot the fox. I am defending the farmers. We are going to pretend to be lawyers.

At reading group I revewied my book which is on this page Book Reviews

Trampolining was great. I did a back drop.

11th of april

Today I went on my second band course. I play first. I also so went to a coffe at borders. I talked with some of the adults.

I finished my easter egg today .I also got some stick insects.

9th of april

Today we went bike-riding(again!). We rode 4km. My brother's tyre popped. He had to hire a bike.

I played football today. My dad played with me.

8th of april

Today is a work-bee day(we do all the jobs) So far I have cleaned out the guinea-pigs,washed the cars and played footie.I have also done an hours housework. We all share this. I got paid 8 pounds for all my jobs today. I have saved up loads and now have £130 . I have also eaten lots of easter eggs!

Our camera has just broken so i can't put a picture of my bacteria farm on . Sorry I have just got back from a dog walk. We have to alternate between bike-riding and dog walking so we can get fit enough to walk in the amazon. One day (in the amazon) we have to walk for 8 hours in 40 degrees heat.

7th of april

Today we are going out. I would like to go bike riding but we might not go. My bike is very tatty so we would have to hire bikes. We are going to the Amazon soon. We are going to have an 8 day trek to the Gotca Falls and then 6 days on the Amazon River. The Gotca Falls were only 'discovered' for the world last year. The Indians knew of it but the western world didn't. It is the 3rd highest in the world.

My bacteria farm is really good. The bacteria has started growing. Bike riding was awesome. I got to buy a new bike because my other one is too small. IN-fact our entire family bought one. The bike is white with dual suspension but at the front it is lime green.I also played fifa 07 and ate some sweets from the hershy shop in new york. they are chocolate but have peanut butter inside MMMMM! I also got a new game for my xbox. It is called goldeneye. I am a ex MI6 agent who is trying to destroy MI6(for revenge).Yesterday I got a xbox game called armed and dangerous.

My brother and sister also got a game boy advanced sp. I have already got one.

The 'easter bunny' is coming tonight. He normally hides the eggs in the musicroom. Even if we find all the eggs we have to share them out equally.


6th of april

Today it is really sunny so I am going to spend all day outside. I am going to play cricket,footall and basketball.So far i have made a bacteria farm with bacteria from my dog,vbin and in-between my toes! yuk!!!!!

I can't wait till easter . My mum has bought me a yorkie easter egg which is humungous!

5th of april

Today (in england) i went to the last day of my football course. I really enjoyed it . In total i scored 9 goals in 4 days. I also got a trophy even though our world cup team(england)came 3rd.I got a certificate saying that I can shoot a ball 39 miles per hour!! One boy got it up to 51!! My legs are still aching. This is the courses website


23rd of march

Today we went to the statue of liberty ,the jewish heritage museum and the skyscraper museum. The statue of liberty was really bad because there was a 4 hour wait . We just looked at it over the sea.I didn't like the jewish heritage museum. The skyscaper museum was awsome . I got to see the tallest building in the world.

22nd of march

Ioday we went to the empire state building. It was great.It was so windy. I saw someones hat and scarf blow over the edge! We also went to a tennant for immagrants in 1880,s.This was very interesting because of how small the space was to move about in was.

20th of march

Today we went to the metropolitan art museum. I enjoyed it loads .We saw lots of modern art (which i love) and lots more. We never actually finished the museum.

17th of march

At the moment i am in my hotel in new york. it is very tall.My favourite thing so far was shopping but my favourite thing will be the empire state building.

It is also -5 degrees. It is snowing.

3rd of March 2007

Today i washed the cars for £2.50.I also put some pictures on my site come and see.CURLS AIRFIX MODELS

26th Feb 2007

Today i went to an animal course. we learnt to ride a horse,the names of horese's colours and how to look after them.I rode a horse called mulberry.It was very slow. I can canter but i get scared.I also finished my airfix. It is a humongus lancaster bomber. My dad will but the stickers on and hang it up tonight.