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Chapter 1 Once upon a time,OK that is corny.How about her I am Lakrisha Bartlett. Anyway, I'm sitting at schooll at the lunch table with my two friends,Zoey and Josh. "Hey Zoey, Hey Josh" I say. " Hey Lakrisha hows your Mum" " Still going on about dancing" "But you want to play basketball" "I know" " Anyway,Josh what have you got on your plate,it looks like sick crossed with Angelinas face!(Angelina is the meanest girl in the school,head cheerleader,has the cutet boy in school as her boyfriend) We started having a long chat and laugh about how disgusting the food looks here(and how ugly Angelina is)! ..... Next day is a Saturday so no school(bliss!). The only thing bad about it is that I have dancing lessons. My Mum is a proffesional dance and my step dad a ballet dancer(imaginig him in tights scary!!!) My real Dad is an ace basketballer. He is excellent.He should really become a real basketballer. My mum left him a few years ago when they had a HUGE row. She said that he spent too much time on basketball. He yelled back. I hid under my bed covers and cried. Me and Mum left the next day. I remember the way