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The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

I liked this book because it is quite adventurous. The Iron Man comes from space and lands on earth. He has never seen the sea before, so he goes to the edge of the cliff and in one daring move he jumps. As he falls the rock cliff comes with him and he falls apart, then he uses an antennae on his head to get back all his hands, eyes and ears and so on. At first everyone is scared of the Iron Man and they try to destroy him. But the people on earth should not have judged the Iron Man by his outside, because he is kind inside, and at the end of the book he saves the planet from a dragon,and is a hero.

The film is not the same, (there is no dragon) but there are three thing that are the same - the boy called Hogarth and the Iron man looks the same and the ginormous scrap yard.

my rating

I would rate this book a big 10 because it is quite funny at the beginning because when he is collecting all of his body parts, he first of all starts off with a hand and he finds an eye and tucks it underneath his hand so he can see. Then he finds his body but he can't move it, so he finds his other hand and the two arms and he goes back to the body and puts his arms on and drags his body until he finds his legs, then he finds his ears then he puts his headlamp-like eyes in his eye holes, and then once he is complete he notices something, he can't find one of his ears and I think that was the funniest bit.

I would recomend it

The Terrible Trins by Dick King Smith

three mice,thomas,richard and henry, were not like any other mice.their mum was training them to get rid of the cats who had eaten her husband, their father. they were also helped by kevin,a cellarmouse,he loved mrs gray and they got married and they lived happly ever after.

my favourite characters were the three trins because they were kind to the cellarmice, even though they were different to the other mice.

I liked the funny bits of the story and it was a good adventure. I would rate this book 9.5\10