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About me

Achilles.png I'm working on the NAGTY TSL project with schome, I do a lot of jobs where I can help out...

Page under construction!


I'm part of the governance group with the role of a department officer for the building and planning committee


Computing and Technology generally


Barnstar Description/criteria
Barnstarmedia.png For working on the Hindenburg machinima project
Barnstarmind.png This is awarded for helping on the Mindgames strand
SchomeBarnstar20forumposts.png for 20
SchomeBarnstar50forumposts.png for 50
SchomeBarnstar100forumposts.png ...
SchomeBarnstar1000forumposts.png Self explanatory really ;)
BarnstarTHS.png For entering the THS
Sptc barnstar.png For being a beta tester