Time Travellers - Machinima3

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Time Travellers - Machinima3

Suggested starting points for filming...

1) an introductory sequence - that actually shows a stylised murder - short flashes of the murder sequence

Location - darkened train carriage (we need to blacken out carriage and have a couple of torches casting light in the carriage...)

Action - 2 sec bursts of film of e.g. Briggs running down train carriage, close up of scared face, shadow looming, walking stick hitting action etc... 10-15 sec maximium

2) Franz in prison

Location - prison on Time Travellers parcel - (we need to isolate the prison from the rest of the area for long shot zoom into the prison cell)

Action - Zoom from outside past the police lamp down into the prison cell through the bars... Action - Franz pacing floor, sitting on bed, head in hands crying...