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What's New?

Schome Theme Park headlines, new rides & attractions

2 New Rides - 12 september 2007

Two new rides have been added to the Schome Theme Park.

Log Flume Upgrade - 31 August 2007

The Schome Park Log Flume has been updated. The old square track has been replaced by a shiny wooden curved one, authentic to log flume and water slides.

The Upgrade also features a new exit depot with a roof sporting blue and brown lights and life sized pictures of the zen garden inside, an exit ramp and reset button.


A complete list of the theme park rides

The Bungy 200 - Flings avatars 200 metres in the air.

The Schome Park Carousel - roatating, full sized, golden horse carousel

The Tower of Terror - Brings avatars slowly into the air with a very scenic view of SPII before hurling them to earth

The Log Flume - Using an ingenious design mechanism avatars can rez a kart and press a button inside the kart to launch themselves down the Log Flume water track.