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The Creation Centre was originally created (yes, fully aware of the irony in that statement) as a second 'Sandbox' with additional tools and facilities for testing and improving. This idea evolved to incorporate physics. With a total redesign, the creation centre came from being a grassy platform into a megabuild, with a glass, open top building containing information about building, physics and the limitations of Second Life, an oriental discussion area similar to that in the zen garden, various physics tools and displays to toy with and of course some 10 by 10 wooden platforms!

You can get to The Creation Centre by finding the teleport kiosk in the Schome Park Sandbox, unlike other builds in the sandbox this is permanently here, but may be covered up from time to time. Click on the button in the middle and you will find yourself in The Creation Centre, standing in a similar kiosk. To get back to the sandbox click the portal in the middle of this kiosk.

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