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Presented by: Schome Art Group A subsidiary of Schome Group

Schome Festival of the Arts 2008 The Beginning of A Schome Tradition- A Non-profit Yearly Cultural Event for your Pleasure

Theme 2008 - ‘The Exhibit in the Sky’

What? An exhibition encompassing the exceptional and widely diverse art works of OU affiliates displayed in superb virtual surroundings enhanced by the individual artists works, and their artistical input on creating the environments in which they are displayed. Additionally many participants will be creating their own environments further expanding the inherent value of the exhibit with their individual virtual building talents. When? Friday/Sat. December, 12,13 2008 Where? In the Sky above Open Life Island

Call for Participants- Schome Festival of the Arts 2008

Schome Arts Group invites OU students and members of the Schome Community to participate in the Schome Arts Festival 2008. The Festival will be held above Schome Base on sky platforms offering a unique experience of the Arts from a suspended environment. We are interested in offering a diverse collection of Art in the mediums of painting, sculpture, stained glass, etc. Those interested in participating should follow the submission directions posted below.


Contact name:

Second Life name:


Display instructions: (eg. Type of frame, preferred colour of wall/room. The more detail here, the better. We may not be able to accommodate your every whim, but we will try to do your piece justice and need your input.)


Name to be displayed with exhibit:

Name of exhibit:

Artist's contact details. (This could be any of RL address/ phone / e-mail / URL / SLURL / etc)


If you want to submit a completed in-world piece, such as a mounted/framed painting or sculpture, please pass it to the inventory of Kickaha Wolfenhaut. Please also IM him at the same time, including your answers to the above points.

If you do not have the time or confidence to frame or otherwise prepare your piece for exhibition, we will do our best to do this for you. Please give as much information as you can on what you would like done.

Please try to make your files and photos as BIG as possible. Losing a bit of detail in the final preparation might be necessary, but if the reverse is true, that detail cannot be conjured from nothing. Do not be daunted if your Real Life work is very large. Do the best you can with a camera on a high resolution. Send more than one picture of the same piece if you like. Try to get the camera central and straight, but don't lose heart if this proves difficult. Submit anyway, and let us work some magic! Please do not try to process the image files before sending.

Scans and photographs can be sent to art@withnail.co.uk using the free service at www.mailbigfile.com

Information will be held in accordance with applicable data protection laws and destroyed immediately after the Art Exhibition.

Schome Festival of the Arts Is a non-profit event. Advertising for RL or in- world businesses is strictly forbidden.

Individual works remain the property of the owners.

Further Questions? Contact: Leornian Naidoo- leorniannaidoo@googlemail.com or inland send an IM.