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We had the idea that we would develop a course which would have all the 'content' freely available on the wiki - and would encourage participants to extend it. Original plan being that there would be one set of materials that could be used in two different ways:

  • folk could just work through them individually - doing activities etc and discussing them in the forum
  • folk could sign up for an official OU version of the course which would use the same materials but would provide (private) moderated forum discussions, feedback on assignments, and formal accreditation.

As part of a staff development day on the 18th September a group of folk at the OU got together to start to work on developing these ideas. To cut a long story short - it was decided that there would need to be two slightly different sets of materials - in particular the introductions to the two versions of the course would need to be different (not least cos the OU version would need to explain about the assessment tasks etc). There was also a view that some of the material needed to be fixed (rather than being editable as part of the wiki).

Following on from that staff development day we are (when time permits) exploring moving the OU version of the course forward - but that will take an age ... My plan at this point is to get on with developing the public version of the course and I'm hoping folk will leap in and help out just for the pure fun of it!